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MUGEN menyediakan performance part khususnya untuk Honda CBR dan CB series karena MUGEN adalah perusahaan yang memiliki ikatan yang kuat dengan Honda. Knalpot MUGEN tidak hanya memiliki desain dan teksture yang indah, namun juga performa yang tinggi.

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The infinite PCX muffler was purchased at only 150 km after PCX purchase.
a drive system -- although it was custom alike and J.COSTA of the spain is constructed, affinity with J.COSTA is good -- acceleration of a start, and middle acceleration (passing acceleration) pleasant -- surroundings measure.
Sound is also the sound in which a stress is not impressed.
It is large satisfaction!

It is not particularly eye-catching, but I am satisfied.
Easy to install.
It is cooler than OEMBolt.
Size is? 8 (I wonder if it was?) So, other than Namba Plate
It seems that it can also be diverted to things of.

I bought Infinity Radiator Grill for a while and purchased this time.
It was possible to replace easily in a short time.

Center's infinite letters are casually conspicuous and feel good.

It is pretty good for the quality of MUGEN License Plate Bolt. I like it very much. It is suitable for any motorcycle, and very easy to set up.

It was installed in the 2002 model VTR 250, there was a problem with Gasket etc, but there is no particular problem other than that.
But the sound is almost the same as OEM. The other person says noisy but in my case it is the same as OEM

Although it is JMCA Certified, it sounds quite noisy.
Is it a Level that care about idling in winter ...
Well I do not think it's illegal so I think I can be relieved.

Just exchange for NSR 50 OEM Master cylinder cap.

It's Parts irrelevant to performance, but my self satisfaction is high because I am Parenthesis by Simple (О '∀ `о)

A little thing but Parenthesis is nice Infinite Laser marking is Parenthesis nice. Bolt of License Plate does not matter what, but I do not regret buying it