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N PROJECT menyediakan banyak aksesoris seperti bodyworks, spare part motor, kelistrikan dan lainnya. Original fairing BLUSTER II, N PROJECTS memiliki tampilan yang menarik dan performa aerodinamis.

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The object for CB1300 SC40 was purchased.
Good point - appearance is good. - attachment is preeminent for an effect to the air screen of easy and high speed operation. Bad point that - car body looks greatly - price is high. - attachment interferes in a horn somewhat? Overall comment: Since a car body looks large and is smart anyhow, it is large satisfaction.
Although it may remove occasionally, it cannot remove, once it attaches.
It is very recommended!!

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Since separate type ETC was carried in first stage type VTR250, it attached.
Height was a grade in which an ETC main part is settled in a limit.
Since a crevice is made to the surroundings, a weather strip is required, and ETC also needs water proof processing.
It is whether it is large that a sheet flesh side becomes difficult to become dirty as a subeffect.

He thinks that he will stick a carbon design on a rear frame, and it chooses this product of the sheet which is not a seal.
Although it is -- which processing tends to carry out since [processing] and thickness which carried out the dress-up up under a sheet in the surplus portion are as thin as 0.3 mm, with a cutter, a cutting edge will become useless immediately firmly too.
since - from which processing which uses scissors serves as a subject -- it is easy to cut off straight -- but,
Although [attachment] and rigidity which becomes the work of shaving off rather than clipping although the cutter performed a curve and Tokoro's cutoff which extended far back for making difficult - hole come it weak to improve, since the returning power is strong, it is hard to stick on a curved-surface portion.
It is the glossy surface which there are [others] and the surface, and the rear face which were pasted up with double-stick tape after sticking the heat insulating material on the flesh side, and they use since it sticks on - rear frame which separates immediately.
Although a clear coat is called the [general comment] and this which can purchase only a part to use since those of twill with two kind and a size are also finely set to - plain weave which is not carried out and it is not a special sheet, it is likely to be durable rather than a seal.
Although it becomes an accent by a carbon pattern, compared with carbon parts, it will not be so good.

The number plate showed, in the state, since modification was worrying, the thing cheap frame type was purchased without the idea, but the number LGT was choked and it was not able to attach.
Since this stabilizer was a number plate and the said size, when he rebought it anew, it was settled shapely.
Since it is a product made from a stainless, it is perfect, and even if it is going to change reinforcement intentionally, it crawls simply, and it suits and is a forge fire.
Moreover, since it is frame-shaped, considering construction material and reinforcement, I think that it is lightweight.
A number plate is lower ? clip? Since it comes out, and is fixed firmly and it overlaps exactly, it is the charm which does not have influence in the appearance of a motorcycle rear design.
Wearing is also a can tan!! A number plate is once removed and it can do with one driver with feeling to the extent that it reattaches.

Arrived in the UK within 3days, shame customs were not as fast. Quick and easy to install even though the instructions are all in Japanese but at least there are a few photos. Really good quality and a brilliant colour match. Very happy with it :-)

Exchange from cheap LEDDigital tachometer, liquid crystal with back light is very easy to see day and night, easy to install, waterproof function also no problem.

Because the Z650 has trouble securing power supply, it is a thankful commodity

Without putting a burden on the battery, it is perfect for this motorcycle which can not be energized from the horn.

Moreover, it is a wonderful product that can attach a pon and look beautifully and can secure the power supply with ACC interlocking.

The price is a little expensive, but ,,,