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For the first time I made this kind of poor accuracy Rim. Nipple jumps out on the Tube side even if the Nipple dent of Rim is made shallow. It is not Ginya Nya that is not the Level of Rim's freak. If you tighten in Nipple the angle does not match delicately and Spoke bends.

DO NOT BUY THIS TANK !! ITS THE WORST EVERYTHING WELD HAS FAILED MORE THAN ONCE.THE METAL THEY USED IS WAY TO THIN AND WORSE THE FRONT MOUNTING POINT ON THE FRAME IS meant TO HOLD A LITTLE EVSP CANISTER .. NOW ITS HOLDING A 10LB GAS TANK.. UGG SO AFTER FIXING THE WELDS 3 TIMES NOW THE FRAME TAB BROKE OFF.. Oh on top of that the liner inside startd coming off almost immediately in little pieces and cloging the cheap petcock that started leaking I would stay away from any tank this company makes..

Even though the motorcycle is stored inside at night, after a month of installing them, there are rust marks all over them. Would not buy again.

Paint is necessary as it is iron.
Clear If you do paint polishing is also rough so you need polishing as well. Probably it is a painting premise.
I need a little effort, I think whether Coil can be relocated cleanly.
The strength is good because it is not there, but welding is somewhat complicated.
It is cleaner to do it by myself if it is weldable, and it is cheap.
In that sense Cospa is subtle. Well you should think that you bought that effort

It is a pipe because it is a pipe (It's not a level that can run on a public road very much).
Since Kick pedal interferes as I install it, I purchased KITACO's Pedal additionally.
Since the Exhaust pipe is in a considerably low position, it rubs with a slight step.
I ran and removed myself.

Purchased here because there was no other PosterTank for Shadow slasher.

It is full of handmade feeling, and it is waving, the decoration of the welding surface is bad, it takes time to delivery, so it is essential to fill the Pate after all.

It may be unavoidable to think about the price because the car type is Minor - - -

Once there is no leak, you can use it, but Pateetc. , Small It was a certain item that I had to work.

This tank is built well .. But it is just a stock peanut tank ( not a flat bottom tank has a tunnel) with some flat steel bent to match the mount holes witch is ok.. But the bus Prob is the liner inside .. my Thoughts is in Japan the is no ethanal in the gas because the because the liner line is coming off in little pieces and is a hitch to get out and clogs the petcock.. That's a bitch! So I would say skip it and make your own.. 2 stars..

I ordered this tank for a Honda vlx600 same as a steed just the US model. Shipping was surprisingly fast, it only took 7 days to Las Vegas NV. Packing was great and everything I ordered was there. The over all quality and welds are good on this tank. It was a direct bolt on everything fit perfect, took me about 30 minutes to swap it all over. Very happy with this tank and the price. Definitely will be a repeat customer. I would give my experience 5 stars!!!