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NA Metal Craft

NA Metal Craft menyediakan produk logam yang mereka rancang sesuai kebutuhan Anda. Mereka adalah ahlinya dalam proses pembentukan dan pengukiran dengan metode machining center presisi tinggi CAD/CAM tiga dimensi dan turning center yang tercanggih. Mereka mampu menggarap beragam jenis bahan seperti aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, besi, baja dan bahan-bahan lainnya.

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I was troubled by looking at the review that I can not do the essential Handlebar Lock, but purchased with no good.
It was really useless lol
Locking will cost, but, the key can not come out.
With this, there are no original children. Well certainly in the explanation "It is only written as lockable" (Shocked)
Because it is something that you bought with great care, do not return it, adjust and install it so that the lock will hang.

I exchanged Handlebar Clamp for Z125PRO of Motorcycle companion Zet MOTOSAKA.
The touch feeling is very good texture of Anodized film. Accuracy at appearance and installation is also good.
When wearing it, the surroundings of Handlebar were tightened, I felt something uncomfortable with the feeling I saw, it was good in Design like it is attached from before.

It works as it is supposed to. I think it lowered my W800 by 1 1/2 inch as I am now able to flat foot. Quality is very good, no visible seams, and feels very sturdy

I bought it with Lowdownkit of the same Manufacturer. It does not have to damage the appearance of NORMAL with goods cut off and welded OEM Product, but durability (Welded portion) I am concerned. I hope the price goes down to 10,000 yen.
It is good that STAND is out and put in the same way as NORMAL.

One screw was broken when I was tightening Screw when installing ...
I got a broken Screw easily, but I did not feel like buying six new items, Material : Material from Aluminum : I think whether it was good with Titanium. It is good to be lightweight, but ...

We initially plan to purchase Titanium and ordered it to another dealer, but we have not heard from you for a long time
If you search on Titanium here, I'll find out by accidently strengthening Aluminum
At first I was worried a lot If you do not like the lightness I bought Titanium if I do not like it
When it arrives, it is light to first Big Li It changes to BoltTitanium of each part of Motorcycle, but it is as light as not compare with Bolt of the same Large critle
Engine cover bolt and so on Strongly necessary Titanium Bolt put in a place not needing much strengthened It was regretted I thought that it would have been better to arrange it with aluminum Almost my heart
I think that Titanium is better than quality indeed
It is sufficiently beautiful and this lightness
I will definitely Recommendation if there are people who are suffering around me

Buy for Φ 220 and make it to Mukawa river Big Floating Disc
I use it in combination.
Because Mukawa's Disk size is Φ 225
Manufacturer Recommended disc It is not a diameter, but it was able to be installed easily.
The radial gap is not consequently Limit
It seems to be good not to scrape Pad.
I replaced Pad with DAYTONAGolden Pad at WaveRotor
I hear a sound in the early stages of braking.
I do not test the Pad included with Caliper so it sounds
It is unknown whether it does not go out.

I was satisfied with COSPA because I did not manufacture one-off
Manufacturer conformity Rotor Because it is not diameter, please be aware of that point..

Without an Instruction Manual
Once installed Handlebar Lock can not be tolerated.
Selling such products Is it good?
as soon as I threw it in the Garbage box.