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NAG racing service

NAG Racing Service telah diakui sebagai produsen dan penyedia servis motor balap yang berlaga di Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race. Dengan segudang pengalaman mereka, NAG Racing Service kini mengembangkan karburator dan engine tuning part.

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We used vacuum pressure Valve for T Company KTMOEM, but even without attachment of Mendozai
I think that this alone is enough. Now I have a Motorcycle 3 kitchen but I use two NAGs.
Emblem is pretty Mild, I think that Brake should be strengthened Yo!

I tried using it because I am dissatisfied with weak dumping on the elongation side, but it also has a good effect on the compression side.
Although it is good for attacking part, the initial ruggedness feeling causes fatigue in Touring,
There was also impression that the ground feeling of the Front became thin, I removed it.
People who are awkward may be as expected, but I personally did not agree.
I think that it is a little expensive, but there is also an Ideas gold to form it.

It was the influence of fuel Cut, there was impression that emblem was hard and it was hard to run.
I thought that it would be better to reduce even the emblem,
Personally I do not quite understand the difference etc on Axel on.
I am satisfied because it is cheaper than wearing Slipper clutch.

What I was glad
? The body shock by Accelerator operation at low speed GEAR has decreased. ? Re-acceleration during 5th speed running became easier. ? Vibration of the car body decreased a little.
At the time of passing through the side waiting for traffic lights, we had made sure that the car body did not get cramped by Clutch work in the past, but only after Accelerator operation. Accelerator operation is more stable for light body, so go with ease and peace of mind. Also, when you are flying a lot on expressways and arterial roads, you can easily accelerate just by twisting Axel to overtake. Engine feel lightly and often turns better than before.
Sorry about putting on
? The feeling of beating of exhaust fade away.
Exhaust System is exchanging for dB's. Compared with Normal muffler, the exhaust sound is clear, so I felt good during acceleration, but regrettable that the feeling of the sound was slightly diminished.
I installed it myself but it's not easy. Even though it is SEROWExclusive Design, the Pipe diameter for Emulsion discharge does not match the AIPipe diameter. Is it because the emission effect drops otherwise? It was hard to install. It is better to have Tie Wrap ready for installation. After installation, the fuel economy feel a little better. However, since accelerating is pleasant, it is dangerous to worsen it if you carefully turn it around, so be careful. Since Body is installed in the vicinity of Air cleaner, it is in the Instruction Manual that the effect is Large, so install

I installed it in Yamaha SR 500. Since it runs Circuit, the purpose is to ease the intense engine braking of SR.
5 speed GEAR Even if you downshift quickly from high rotation to 2nd gear you can enter Corner without problems, Rear's Hot Ping does not happen.
I think that it is effective for running Circuit.

150 Km in use during installation
Its own Clutch lever operation, the middle finger - Quantity of ring finger : Although it was done with 2 pc, the movable width increased
Clutch could not run out, I reduced the play of Wire, but I am not satisfied yet.
Try changing the Lever operation, changing the play of Wire, now being adjusted
To lighter the original purpose, if Clutch can not run out to the extent that it feels a little lighter
I am thinking about removing it.
Installation was removed by removing carburetor, Engine Starter Motor, but personally it is troublesome
I did not feel it, I worked very well with expectation after installation.

Parts cleaner is essential for Oil replacement and Brake maintenance, but even if you purchase Jumbo type it will be used out of hand soon.
I was looking for a refillable Spray, I found this product.
I think that I can convince you about the goodness of construction, although I will cover a little price.
I use TOYO's Brake & Parts cleaner and it is a dish that I think was good to buy.

I bought it to eliminate the weight of SRX Clutch.
I think that the weight of SRX's Clutch has the following three causes.

1 : Wire's Access to Clutch release forced to bypass with Type 4 retrofitted Engine Starter Motor.
2 : Small Small Front Slightly hard fitting around the circumference of Wire.
3 : Clutch lever & Holder crooked in the middle of design priority and straight without going into force on Holder.

In response to the above problems, this product solves the first problem.
As a structure, use this principle (Extension of Wire holder of Clutch release side) It will surely be lighter.
However, due to its structure, there seems to be a problem that Clutch's meeting position changes on the Clutch lever side, or the depth of the semi-Clutch changes, but I am a Pro taper made Clutch holder & Lever (PROFILE Clutch Perch) To make it possible to operate without any inferiority to OEM.

As for assembly, I was able to assemble using several kinds of Hex without removing Engine Starter Motor.
How many minutes it was difficult to install the Engine Starter Motor as it was installed in the way. I think that it can be mounted very easily once the Engine Starter Motor is removed.