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Nakano Industry

Nakano Chain Manufacturing memproduksi rantai stainless steel untuk kunci gembok motor. Gembok rantai Nakano sangat awet dan kuat.

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Ulasan Produk Nakano Industry

I think Body itself is good.
Although two-part adhesive is attached, the method of injection into a hole of 11 mm in diameter and 105 mm in depth is not considered.
I think that it is also lacking in terms of capacity.

Hammer drill is necessary for drilling Concrete. An amateur will not have it.
In the first place, you have to check the thickness of Concrete beforehand - - - !?

Since there are six holes, it should be prepared with 6 Anchor or at least Option.
* Anchor for Concrete which is usually available is not suitable for the purpose because head is hexagonal Bolt.

I bought two and purchased 8 holes, but it was OK with BOSCHDrill 1 pc (It depends on Concrete strength as well. ).

It is good..
It is the thickness that it seems impossible to cut at the moment you hold it in your hand. I, ABUS's Granit 37rk in this Chain / I am turning on 80. Actually, E-18H was good, but the price has been about twice the previous time, so I quit.

I got a new motorcycle and as they say, "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst", I decided to purchase a tough chain lock to prevent theft.
I chose NAKANO High Tensil Steel Chain because it looks and is so powerful that any theft would give up stealing.
Due to its power and strength, it's gross. But it's the most powerful thick chain that you'll be able to get. If a motorcycle is stolen equipped with this chain you'll have to give up preventing theft with any other security product. That's how much overwhelmingly presence it has.
It offers good performance considering its low price compared to products manufactured by other companies. However you won't get the shine that stainless steel chains give because it's made with priority based on intensity. Also its so thick, you'll need certain length to twine it. I advise you to chose the longest length possible.
You can chose from round ring and oval ring, whichever suits you. But if you want to place the chain through the ring you better chose the oval ring. If you are planning to purchase a ring separately or want to use the chain for other purposes chose the round ring.

Although it thought that 16 mm wanted in theft prevention, considering carrying, this is also quite heavy.Although it thought that the die length of 2.5 m was long, in order to twist around a pillar, there is also thickness and it becomes just before very well.
Although the round can was ordered from Mr. Manufacturer and incidentally being tied by the lasso formula, it winds around an about 10-cm pillar, winds around a rear wheel, and cannot take distance 1 m.Although it is no less than 1.7 m, it does not use being short.The
products are considerably powerful.However, the construction material of a chain is not known well.Structure is common and there is no high grade feeling in particular.Although a price is different, and appearance is an ordinary chain compared with that of the kind, or ◯-◯, I think that there is an air of intimidation of theft prevention considerably by hardness.
Still independently, although a padlock is required, if weaker than a chain, there is no meaning of a chain.Although an ABLOY and Marti are recommended, since this is fairly high, that is also a difficulty.But I think enough [ combination / such combination will be hard and ] in addition to a PRO's theft person.

Since it was an important Motorcycle and he did not want to repent with a cheap Chain and lock, the value arrived at these goods a little, as a result of looking for the product which can be regarded as safe enough, even if stretched.Since it was directions connected to the support of a parking lot for bicycles, or a Chain, he wanted necessary minimum weight and thickness, and die length, but these goods have purchased what has the abundant and optimal Variation including a Chain end.
Dirt was not easily attached as it is unexpected, and the black Cover is also satisfied.

It was used for the engine Restore.Since the
Engine itself was a thing of 40 years ago, it found difficulty in making it the surface being very dirty and beautiful very much.Since it seemed that time was truly required although it was manual operation usually [
], Buff credit was carried out by the Grinder this time using abrasive powder.

It was surprised to actually use it.It became a Polished to the
instant.It was finished to the extent that it crawled to
mirror finish, and it suited and the amateur work of the thing could not be thought. amount of money also came out so so, and it lasted long, and since that was right, it was good shopping.

It was used for the engine Restore.rusting very much and rusting by Motorcycle 40 years before
, -- it was .After carrying out the red stick and blue stick which is a Lineup of the
said products, having it and performing
ground treatment certainly, it is the last polish with the white stick here.
It is the work which attaches a Buff to a Grinder usual.
Polish was repeated repeatedly, and although the period until mirror finish ?? did not go, it became very beautiful.since he thinks that you may set to the Cost performance, it tries once -- is it valuable?

In order to act as earth Locke, when a 3-m thing is purchased, it is the weight which is in the state of difficulties and about which he can feel easy also carrying from the room to a parking lot for bicycles.
If this is cut, abandonment will also be attached as it is unavoidable.