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Last Parts, I waited for two and a half months.
This time, thank you for being received earlier than the expected month Thank you.
Next time also I would like to look for Parts relationship and buy it.

Performance evaluation is not understood because Dress-up of a car of your choice is the purpose. ER-4n is quite small for Dress-up parts due to Minor models, but DimotivRadiator protector is satisfied with Cost & Dress-up effect Large?

Was looking for a Radiator guard of Ninja250SL, I tried to buy since found a Radiator guard of di Motivu.

In terms of protecting the Radiator, it may be better for other company products with Center's eyes.
However, this product is good place to choose the price and the color of Guard.
The color of Mesh is Orange - Gold - Silver - Dark green - Titanium - Black - Blue - You can choose from Red.
This time I tried to choose Red according to the color of the car body.
In the picture of the product page I looked a bit thin Red, but the real thing was a deeper Red.

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Out of a few choices Budget pricing.
? 【How was it actually used?】 Because I chose Black, it is almost inconspicuous and the cooling effect does not change.
? 【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 Left Side 's Radiator cover is difficult to remove, I just shifted 1 pc of 3 Bolt and worked out. Radiator hose is concentrated on the vehicle Left and it is troublesome work.
? 【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 In my case, because I could not move Radiator hose with Engine slider, moving Radiator hose might make work of Left Side easier.
? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?] I am using Rivet to fix the surrounding Frame and Mesh, but it is regrettable that it stands out as Aluminum because he remains a job (I painted Black on my own)
? [Request to Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 Spongeetc. I wanted you to paste cushioning materials.
? 【Have you compared items?】 AELLA, Moto Radiator protector of Crazy

The gold price is a bit high, but with a relatively simple shape and high precision
I like Large as Accent of car body.
The color tone is as expected, it is not too dark and not too light and is a good shade.

Bolt stopping Cover of Radiator fan of Left Side is behind Radiator hose
Accessing was Large strange, eventually shifted a few times and removed Cover on the Front side.
Because we are using loosening stops in various places, Bolt can hardly be removed and it will be difficult..
There was also no decent thing in the manual but I managed to do it but I licked one point when I closed Cover 's Bolt.
Since the positional relation with the Cover on the Front side is bad, reinstall it when Bolt comes in.

Evaluation of posting is not reflected
I posted it again..

Both texture and mounting accuracy are good
The real one feels better color and texture than the picture.

The price is pretty expensive, but the texture is also good and installed Bolt two Quantity : Can exchange with 2pc
it's simple. The real thing is better in color and texture than the picture on Site