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NAMZ sudah berkiprah lebih dari 10 tahun di dunia custom part motor. Produk pertama yang diproduksi oleh NAMZ adalah kabel anyaman berbahan stainless steel untuk motor. Sejak saat itu, NAMZ memproduksi beragam jenis kabel dan skun untuk Harley-Davidson.

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If you are using a full face now you will not see the front if there is no anti-fog, so these things are essential items.
Whether it is bad to use or not, Cord-like marks are attached by all means, but because the anti-fogging effect at the time of use is good, it is not worrisome.
I also used it for car's front glass. Naturally, this is also outstandingly effective, but the trace has become conspicuous because the area is wide.
If you can paint well I think that the problem is not problem.
As I used it for about 3 weeks, I gradually felt the effect has gone out, so I'd like to try out various things like Cost in the future ....

Used in Midwinter Touring.
It does not really cloudy until about Minus 5 ° C.
It does not cloud even if it intentionally hurts.

As a caveat, things that you should not touch after construction.
It will be ineffective if you touch it.
With careful attention to the above, COSPA is also the best Items.

* Minus Under 10 ℃, there was too much difference from the outside air, it got cloudy and its cloudiness froze.
This can be solved by using Pin Lock Shield together.

Colet was uncanny although it worried about the dull deposits by a breath.
Entire cloudy not knowing. It is cheap, if it can be satisfied with the unit price of about 180 yen since it is
eight-sheet Set.
Since a small bubble will become hard if how to wipe is adopted coarse, you have to make it have to wipe the difficulty carefully however.