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nao menawarkan berbagai part bodywork seperti spakbor depan-belakang, dudukan speedometer, dan lain-lain berbahan carbon maupun FRP yang memberikan motor Anda sentuhan premium.

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It attached to ZZR1400.
The main part consisted of five molding FRP greatly, the base part was finished in order that accuracy like an one-piece thing might not come out, even if it assembled, it is why or the halved thing and the IBITSU crevice sometimes came out of it.
If it asks for higher completeness or a perfect feeling of a fit, it will not be dependent on the mounting hole of brand-name parts, and will attach to a required place independently, and a screw hole will be prepared, and I will think that commodity value goes up far rather than the given way makes only exterior parts finish paint application also with a product surface as bolt-on as it is after surface preparation.
I added the securing point, and the surface also restarted the field and I painted it.
Since it was the good product considered as a raw material, if it carries out bolt-on, I feel that there is no undue importance.
Moreover, convenience was high although [ whose accessory case attached under a sheet was / like OMAKE of the homogeneous raw material ].
They were goods out of which candid advice is likely to come to the quality of product finishing from those etc. who are engaged in work of the engineering work as a general comment.
It was a regrettable portion although it was probably a hot place of small rod products.

It has equipped by uncanny polite structure that there is [ having no processing and ] no crevice.
The accessory case also spread and it is very much satisfied.

Even if we wait 3 months, the product will not arrive, we will make an inquiry from here, it will be kept waiting for 2 more weeks, waited for another 10 days and arrived again 5, arrived finally, the parts are too bad. Firstly, the attachment hole that would have been opened with Drill is almost broken. I was told that once due to defective goods the delivery date has been extended, but it is very disappointing that this is the result of redoing. Usually I do not mind about this, but the matter on the delivery date, the delay in contacting the delay, whichever is the lowest. Those thinking of Fender Eliminator of sc59, do not adventure, Domestic Manufacturer is cheaper and earlier, I think Quality is high. It was really disappointing.. It became a high study fee.

I bought this one that Fender seems to be the longest because I like a little longer Fender when I am concerned about muds and gravels with OEM's short Fender.

I think that it is good to reduce the shape, mud stone splash.

The painting of Clear is sloppy Is it a bubble? There was and it repainted.

Fitting is prepared as preparation for Other Company Product, but there are also places that I brought it quite forcibly. Clearance with Tire is also feeling relaxing various Bolt and forcing it back and tightening again.

Because I do not do Race etc. Large is strong (It is attached to the car) Tire etc use OEM's things but in explanation (I do not know the thinness because I never saw anything I used) There is no gap to enter such as Tire warmer. Small indication? There was only a gap of about 1 pc of fingers for the time being.

It may be bad or bad, but if it is helpful

Footpeg is a part that almost receives Damage due to falling etc.. I can not keep using it unless parts supply is poor.
Because there is the worst thing in the part supply part, it is better to stop using it.

The image around Rear of CB 1300SB which jumped up with Carbon Material and LED's License Plate Light looks tight.
There are no particularly difficult parts regarding installation, and it is usually installed if there is a Maintenance Kill.
Strength is also alright, and so far it is not broken or distorted.

Unlike SS, GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA is not noticeable even with such Parts.
I wonder if Chain cover is noticeable.

[Bad point]
There are many nests at the time of resin molding. I also painted Urethane doubling as UV light deterioration but it will be played.
As amateurs can not afford to fill up their nests, I just applied it.
It is conspicuous by light adjustment.
Fortunately it is inconspicuous in GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA (Lol)

【good point】
Product accuracy is unquestionable.
Carbon parts "The holes do not fit, the play is Large" I was told, but there was nothing to shave. * There are individual differences
Even though the installation is a split structure, installation becomes a little Large strange, but there is not a Parts that I have to remove in order to attach a Fender Small circle has gotten used.
Smooth when there is board Ratchet for installation.

Because the price is a set of Fender and Chain cover, I think that it is about the same as the market price of other Manufacturer.

Extremely high quality from NAO and the fitting position was just perfect. Received the item after slightly more than a month after order placed. Excellent service from Webike.