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NBS JAPAN menyediakan berbagai sparepart motor, khususnya skuter, seperti knalpot, big bore kit, bodywork, kampas rem, filter udara, dan lain-lain. NBS JAPAN juga menyediakan OEM Replacement dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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Good item,suitable for racing in town user.berbaloi la beli sendiri dekat webike ni,murah berbanding facebook,jgn lebih rm500 plak,sngkut kastam nt

Комплект резиновых подножек поставил на Yamaha YB-1 Four.Оценил на 4 из-за того,что в этом изделии много пластмассы и из-за этого оно является чересчур жестким. I put a set of rubber feet on the Yamaha YB-1 Four. I rated it at 4 due to the fact that there is a lot of plastic in this product and because of this it is too hard.(translated by Google Translator)

文人以为在日本网站购买的是日本原厂的,原来是假冒日本的!我在2018年9月11号从日本寄出的CB400SF三代空滤产地原来是 CHINA ,然而这个配件在中国购买的话只要人民币30元,我却花了150左右,十足的骗子网站!!可耻!可恨! The literati thought that the Japanese original website was purchased on the Japanese website, and it was originally faked in Japan! The CB400SF three-generation air filter origin that I sent from Japan on September 11, 2018 was originally CHINA. However, if this accessory is purchased in China, it costs only RMB 30, but I spent about 150, a full liar website! ! shameful! hateful!(translated by Google Translator)

Because Address 125 S is lightweight
Because it is around the Front where the rigidity is insufficient,
Vibration reduction and Corner's improvement of driving stability etc.
I thought that the effect was easy to understand.

If you are a car that is originally well-built
The effect is difficult to understand
I can not deny the possibility of ending with things like decorations
Address is a decorative Parts.

Very good seller very fast and all has arrived excellent!!! All ferings are good for my yamaha gear 4kn thank a lot!!! :)!

NBS braking disc for the people who likes bigger caliper! The price is little high for me but the quality is better than the original part from manufacturer. One good thing for this item. This package is come with a caliper support. You dont need to go find the right part to fit with you caliper. It already come in the package. recommended A+ Very recommended for a people who is looking for a real nice brake disc. *You just have to make sure it will fit on your scooter*

My bike is look like new again. The front cover has a beautiful black shine. Fast posting and well-packed. I'm really satisfied ! :) (The sticker on the middle of nose was not part of the item.)

ในประเทศไทยถือว่าฝาปิดน็อต เป็นของที่หายากมากชิ้นหนึ่งบางคนซื้อรถมาก็ไม่มีเลยบางคนได้รถมามีแค่2อัน การที่เราสั่งได้จากวีไบค์ไทยแลนด์ ถือว่าเราเป็นคนๆนึงที่มีความสามารถทำรถรุ่นนี้ZrEvoไห้ได้อยู่ในสภาพเดิมโรงงานอุปกรณ์ครบตามที่โรงงานผลิตมาเลยครับสุดท้ายนี้อยากไห้คนที่กำลังตัดสินใจมั่นใจได้ว่าของจากทางวีไบค์เชื่อถือได้ตรงตามรูปทุกอย่างตามที่เราต้องการครับ In Thailand, the nut cover. It's a very rare one, some people buy a car, some do not have one. We have ordered from Bike Thailand. We are one of the people who have the ability to make this car ZrEvo has been in the original equipment factory at the end of the factory I do not want to make people decide that the confidence of the bike. Follow all the pictures as we want.(translated by Google Translator)