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NECTO mengembangkan dan memproduksi performance part untuk motor mini seperti Monkey, NSR, NSF100, dan lain-lain. Kopling, rem cakram, dan transmisi NECTO memiliki reputasi yang sangat baik di antara tim balap amatir.

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I used it for 12-inches's HondaCustomMini bike racer.
In NORMAL 's Stud bolt it is uneasy in various ways when incorporating Bore stroke up kit to around 125 cc, but it will be all in one shot.

Changes from T 4's Cross Mission, GEAR
Quantity : 1pc. We need to increase and to process Crankcase
Before purchase I had anxiety, but in fact LCrankcase's
We have processed several parts.
Instruction Manual was carefully described and it was saved.
Working with Leutor, scraping it out GEAR
Although I had some troubles with the repetition of the same, I firmly
I was able to build it up..
We tried running the Engine, but it is feelingless.
Lightweight Crank with 110 cc remaining - It is a combination with Flywheel, but it is fun and can not be helped.
I should have put in it sooner.

Thank you for the grate services the part got here vary fast and in good shape the cluch cover is a varyal good cover and have recamanded it athers. I give 5 stars

Unless it gains the result with wonderful comment which purchase and goods arrived the Racing disk rotor which considered purchase for some time for Mini bike races, and were first taken in their hand this time, a Design, etc., it does not understand, but it is the highest.From now on, I use it in a Race, and try many things.They are the goods beyond expectation.

The talk currently used for the Race that light structure is solid and that it is [ durability / the engine performance more than a price, ] expectable is also hearing what goods were gained and was felt first in various places.this -- making and coming out -- this -- I carry out the price brush and think that it is not high.Although exchange is required and it becomes empty periodically, since it is a Parts well used for a Race.

It is at the highest to use for a sushi Race so that Mr. NECTO to whom structure is just going to do what this product was also gained and was felt first very much firmly and to whom wonderful weight has also done the Design lightly first can also undergo an Overhaul.It is far more profitable than also replacing many original manufacturer's products.It was good to carry out

Although some prices which received the merit of structure etc. which were purchased by two-sheet different colors, and it has satisfied very much were higher this time, when the article was seen, it has realized that there was value more than a price.I use it for a Race and try future durability etc.Very good shopping was made.

Although there was no schedule purchased for a while, it could not bear and purchased. Changes of the Clutch outer of their

own car are coming with the NECTO Clutch of purchase this time [ -> ] for APE 50s for the five Mukawa-> KITACO > lightweight purpose. Since an Outer was wear with the stage simply, five
> Mukawa was exchanged, but shakiness came out of the KITACO and the Clutch for APE 50s early from wear.

I regard this as the Damper of a Clutch being the difference between 6 (Mukawa) and four numbers. By
>, although it is this NECTO, there is a rigid feeling six as description without a Wobble.

If weight is also measured again, even if about (around 650g of NECTOs, around 740g of APE 50s) 100g is light from the Clutch of the APE 50 by which meat omission was carried out and the capacity of the Clutch is increasing, It is not different from the time of using the Clutch of an APE 50, and a Response is still sharp.
* Clutch plate is using the thing of a lightweight Aluminum from the first, and does not change this time also, either.
> -- the price of quantity is just for a moment -- it is -- although -- it is recommended at the person adhering to engine use.