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New Rage Cycles

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It's very easy to install, just remove the Right SideSide cowl and insert it between the connectors.
Translation (There is also a manual on how to enter it here, since photographs are posted in the manual of foreign language inscription, there will be no problem first.
Because the RS Side cowl is hooked at four places with a nail, if you forcibly try to break it may break, please be careful.
After installation, at the time of departure and intersection Right Left etc.. , I feel that Axel's tightness at low speed got better and it became easier to handle.
High speed has not run yet, is it inclusive of fuel economy ?, but for those concerned about Axel's geeky feel at low speed it is worth considering
I think so.

GS Screen thinks windbreak and rectification effect are considered well. However, I wanted to mitigate the wind that hits Helmet a little more. To replace it with a Large Screen, Cost took too much, I tried this Spoiler which can be removed and removed with One-touch.
It's nice to put on OEMScreen with One-touch. The spoiler's gold piece is slightly bigger, so it is slightly disturbing visually, but if you adjust the height of the OEMScreen, there is no problem. Spoiler itself has no adjustment function. If you make Screen the highest, Helmet will not hit running wind at all and will be comfortable. The line of sight looks forward through the Spoiler. However, when raindrops and insects are attached, visibility is interrupted and it is dangerous, so I lowered it slightly to adjust the height at which the line of sight is at the top of Spoiler. Even this, the running wind hits lightly on the upper part of Helmet, and it helps to reduce fatigue such as long distance and cold weather.
The drawback is that the top of the Screen gets heavier and the entire Screen is shaken during strong winds and forest roads, so I wonder if the Screen itself will be damaged by fatigue. In that case you'd better detach it. Removal is also a one-touch.

Even if I put similar items like this, I was shy away from the experience that Engine returned to failure, but I have convincedly read the function description and installed it.
Result It gets healthy at acceleration It became pleasantly fun comfortably when used in addition with Plasma Pre Raster.

Installation was smooth, smoothly.
Windbreak effect was as expected.

Fall over during Dirt driving, OEMHand guard is Large sturdy, but due to Material, it has broken.

I intended to remove it in the summer, so before the cold weather
I also want to purchase.

Making MapSeat doubles as WaterproofSeat.
Storage space is wide, it is convenient because there is also a simple Net and Accessory Case.
However, it will be impossible to remove Seat after installation, so if you want to use the tool you will need to add one more time.

Well, when you have use there is no need to remove it.

I can remove it to day pack, but I can not feel like using String digging into my shoulder.
If you think about carrying it as a burglarproof, it is a point.

Products that deceive ECUs to increase the amount of fuel injection are sold in various ways, but this is a product that increases the fuel injection amount by conveying the temperature of lies.
The manufacturer says that it has the following effects,

●ThrottleON / Good response can be obtained with Soft from Engine rotation at OFF.
● Appropriate enrichment of the air-fuel mixture when throttle is opened (Average about 6% deep) To improve acceleration.
Intermittent Torque reduction during low-speed running, which is common in the latest motorcycle lean burn engines (With low speed don) I will lose it.
● Improve stability and reliability when idling.
● Reduces After Fire occurred in Exhaust System when using Engine braking.

My Motorcycle did not have an After Fire ya before installation, so I do not know about its effect,
There were certainly other effects.
Although Manufacturer does not write, since the amount of cooling by Gasoline has increased due to an increase in the injection volume, the number of times the Radiator fan turns has decreased.
Although it is fuel economy, I refueled twice, but both were getting worse by about 5%. This is said that Manufacturer can avoid by using GEAR one higher by the increase of Torque. As Torque will increase, I think that it is possible without feeling Stress in driving. Just use this method TopGEAR
It can not be used on highway roads. In this situation you can not feel Merit of BOOSTERPlug so in the situation
Depending on which switch you can turn ON and OFF, it was good..

I bought it because I want to reduce the involvement of the wind of Hand guard Body, but the sense of Value is low.

If possible we would like to sell it from the beginning in one piece molding.

As a material, it is a lightweight and resiny resin, so it does not hit it, but it seems to give you some shocks as well.

I wanted to refine the Adventure type Motorcycle, I attached the Headlight Protector of Tsura TEC which I had been worried about before.
Tulare TEC commodity with high price for goods, but many other goods are also purchased this time also convinced.
Of course, not only the shape is good, the design, the construction is solid, there is not anything like a bad Fit feeling.
The feeling of Fit with Cowl is also perfect, and because the Protector part can be easily removed, it is convenient when you want to wash the light directly with a car wash.
I understood the meaning of Quick Release.
The gimmick is a Pillow ball type which fits into by pushing the Ball-like connecting part with force.
Of course, the atmosphere also changes from a nihil appearance as you can see to a little bit squirming and is satisfied with Large.