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NEX Performance

NEX Performance merupakan salah satu perusahaan suku cadang mobil dan motor terdepan di Taiwan. NEX khusus memproduksi suku cadang dengan kualitas terbaik seperti selang radiator.

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Ulasan Produk NEX Performance

looks awesome, sounds good, is loud but not too loud it makes the bike sound like a much bigger engine. very high quality build and easily modified only spacers and longer bolt needed to work with a wide / fatty rear

Well or something, is not it inconspicuous function Parts, is it impression - - -

Our Motorcycle also exceeded 55,000 km, Gasoline Drain hose was Rubber cushion and so on getting fucked a lot and there was still resilience but decided to exchange.

I thought that exchange was also good except for Dress-up a while ago, but because the price was settled internally and it was where I was stepping on my foot, the boat that went on over there.

It is time to exchange, but anyway.
Although the difficulty level of the work itself is not so large, in order to install it on the GSX - R 750, it is necessary to detach the Throttle body. This is another troublesome work.
First, drain coolant from Drain of Water pump, thrust Hose from Radiator Cap part and thoroughly clean the route with tap water. Finally SiliconHose replacement work after draining water becomes colorless and transparent.

Remove Cowl, remove Tank, remove Air cleaner box, Throttle body finally Cylinder Access to Hose connection behind Access.
So I never took it off, so Hose clamp dig into Hose and can not come off.
It's already standing like this! It's bitefully stuck + the place is not tasty and the power to enter the hand holding the Hose clamp does not enter. Even with Wrench, it is difficult to put force in the direction to remove it, fighting with Silicon spray and fighting It was not long ago that Hose fell off in about 30 minutes.

Because it was relatively easy to remove the other parts, loose the Hose Band in various places and exchange Hose.
When fitting Hose, it is easier to apply Silicon lightly to the Nipple part and then work.

Once you get all set up, reassemble from Slovo to Cowl in reverse order this time, tighten CoolantDrain bolt tightly and put in a new Coolant.

When the Radiator Cap is about to overflow, add the Coolant while crushing the newly installed Hose and rubbing it and bleeding air.
If you do not need it any more, tighten Cap, engine it and check the operation of Thermostat - After confirming that the Radiator fans turn, cut engine and leave. After the water temperature has dropped to about 60 ° C, open the cap, add the reduced Coolant, tighten the Cap and repeat the engine and repeat until the Coolant does not decrease. After putting a specified amount of Coolant in Reserver tank, wash the whole vehicle and finally end the work.

It was 14 o'clock in the day that started and finished at 9 am.
Large It took a variable time...

Although it looks, it is hiding in Cowl and it really looks shiny ww
Well because I had expected it.

Since performance is not clearly understood, it can be said that it is just a bonsai Parts.

As Coolant replacement is an indispensable work, it is inevitably time-consuming work, so I think that it is best to do according to the Timing of Coolant exchange. The degree of difficulty itself is not difficult as I wrote earlier, but since it takes time anyway it may be right to throw to a Motorcycle store if it is troublesome.

I purchased thought to use for adjustment of Front suspension in Circuit driving.
Easy to install, just plug in White resin and stop with Spring. I think that it will end in less than 1 minute.
Although it can be used for pre-road adjustment of Front suspension, since only the place where you made the most Bottom is known, if you make a full Bottom even while you are traveling, it will be stopped at the same position each time. It is almost meaningless to make the Front suspension softer than a certain amount.
As an appearance effect, a Race ish atmosphere appears.
It is not necessarily indispensable, but I think Motorcycle can be SS.

When my car also got close to 6 years, Radiator hose also became new as Rubber parties came to harden, so I switched parts I care about each part.

Although it is installation, there is also a mounting part of Hose behind the Engine, so it was easier for the person who removed the Throttle body to find it, so I removed it at the time of removing OEMHose.
By the way Clip holding Hose is pretty hard so I think that Radio pliers are also possible, but I think I'm Hose clip pliers mandatory.

Partly, since the thickness of Hose itself is thicker than OEM, NORMAL's Clip does not stop and I find the appropriate Size and install it.
After that I added the water temperature Meter, so I cut off Hose in order to let Sensor interrupt in the middle, but cut it with Large miscellaneous with Scissors and made it with Cutter.
It seems to be a 4 layer structure, but it can be soft and crispy.

Finally, put cooling water and check if there is no air vent and leakage is finished.
Kawasaki car unique Lime green ColorHose shines and I am sure of my satisfaction UP!

I have not done Suspension setting until now, but after installing this product, I can grasp how far I am using the amount of Stroke, Front - It became possible to adjust to the comfortable ride including Rear and it changed to what it thinks is really the same Motorcycle. Once purchased it will not be replaced so I think Cost performance is good.

First, installation is a simple class of Exhaust System. I think that you can install it without looking at the Instruction Manual. Installation precision is easy because it is quite nice. The joint part of Pipe did not need it but painted liquid packing. OEM's Gasket is not necessary.
The first impression of putting Engine on is quieter than I thought. I am not JMCA, but I think that there is no problem. I feel that running started getting lighter.. I feel that the OEMExhaust System has gone a little.
Since I bought it at Oakushon, I do not know whether it is Instruction Manual nor Catalyzer Included.

Easy to install because the shape is the same as NORMAL. Recently there are not too many kinds of Radiator hose for ZZr 1100, but this item is also reasonable and I will recommend it. I made the color Green, but it is Cool. I am satisfied..

When asking for a Tire exchange at the shop, it is this Air valve that I got installed together.

With normal straight type, Service stationetc. Inflator at Infractor at Large, but if it is this type of side soup, you can easily put in air.
Also, there are many color variations, you can adapt to various preferences, such as fitting to the car body and targeting Accent.

The installation seems to have enclosed with Screw lock + liquid Gas like no air leaks.