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NEXRAY menawarkan berbagai bodywork berbahan karbon yang memiliki texture cantik, ringan, dan tahan lama. Produk NEXRAY banyak digunakan di ajang balapan dunia seperti Formula 1 dan MotoGP serta dalam dunia penerbangan.

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Because we installed Fender eliminator, OEMLicense Holder can not be used.
We chose this to find lightweight Simple ones.
Including Reflector weighs only 68 g. It is very light.
Because there is folding around, the rigidity is also high.
I am satisfied..

【What made you decide the purchase?】
With Reflector's Carbon Plate, the best in both quality and shape.

【How was it actually used?】
The angle does not rise too much too much, it does not go too far down, it is just good, Reflector's Largeness is Compact and it is an inverted triangle Plate shape according to it is Stylish.
In addition, since the surroundings have Rib, the strength is also high, there is also no vibrating by vibrations at all.

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
BoltQuantity : Because it is only 2pc, everyone is easy to install!

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
To say it dare to install the License Plate firmly into the Center.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Not at all.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
If you lower the price a little more, can you sell more?

【Have you compared items?】
Force-Design False Design : Carbon License Base

I used to ride the zzr 1400 before, but at that time NEXRA CARBON DRY was wearing back and forth. I also liked the shape very much. I switched to Ninja 1000 of 17 years this time in June and compared the Fender of another company Manufacturer, but compared it, I made a NERAY similar to the arrowhead still. Since the year of the mounted vehicle is a representation for H16 year to date, I purchased it because it was OK as a result of asking WEBIKE for installation confirmation. It does not matter if you compare it with NORMAL even after installation. Arrow cabon is good.

I tried comparing various Carbon fender, but I think that it is a very good product with both texture. Ba LePera There is no feeling, making is solid, but the accuracy of the mounting hole was not good, but I think the whole Balance is good. But I think that it is better to lower a little more because the price is high.

NORMAL's R1 Fender is small enough to say this, but it is much bigger than that, you can considerably reduce hitting a Rear suspension by winding a Small stone etc, and the function as Fender is I'm satisfied with the rise to the Large width.
The surface finish and the weave of Carbon are neat and the appearance satisfaction after installation is also high.
However, although it is common to these exterior parts, since the mounting holes were slightly misaligned, it became mounting while correcting with File.

Production to order I guess it will not work, but it takes delivery anyway. Installation is easy, but product accuracy was not satisfactory. It is a pity that I am satisfied with buying another NEXRAY product.

Because Front fender is Short compared to OEM (In the longitudinal direction) It became a little SS-like atmosphere and Sporty.

Also, here also the position of the mounting hole is accurate as Rear and it is weighing because it is Dry carbon.

Clear will strike with stepping stones or the like, but cracking etc.. It is truly impressive.

I think that oversight of Mounting Bolt will break.

I am sorry that I mistakenly purchased a color with Rear (; ___ 1)

Material : Although it is relatively expensive among Carbon 's Rear Fender, I think that the satisfaction level when installing is incomplete.

It is effective and it is good for protection to Rear suspension.

There is only Dry carbon, it's amazingly light.