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NHRA, National Hot Rod Association, adalah organisasi drag racing terbesar di dunia. Beragam merchandise resmi NHRA ditawarkan di sini, seperti jaket denim yang stylish.

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Clearing work was carried out by itself.
Although one person of removal attachment is also exchangeable, I had spring exchange exchanged in a motorcycle shop.
Color is also purple and they are those with impact.
Sas's engine performance has room for improvement.

I exchanged from the OEM and immediately test drive ... I just came back from the neighborhood, but from OEM, NoseDive is fewer, the impression that it sticks. The feeling when stopping is not bad either. I think I wanted to see a little more by running the mountain road, but I also wanted to see it, but the exchange work was also possible Level if I do while watching Net's blog post.

I introduced the increased opportunities to run on the expressway to the aircraft.
I know only Steering Damper of the past "Do you get in the way to get on the street?" I was worried, but I was betrayed in a good way. It does not disturb SelfStir at all, as long as Notch is made weakest. You do not have to be conscious of what you are attaching.
Since the initial movement of Stroke is good and there is no useless play, turning Dial intends to make it effective, it will follow properly. As expected, Front's security feeling increased at high speeds, resulting in a reduction in fatigue as a result.
The difficulty ... When purchasing with Bracket 7 Yukichi, it is a gold amount that can not be easily brought out even if I know it.
later, "Because it's a bit cheap" It is not to accidentally purchase a CSC Type. I felt that around here, Webike should put the explanation neatly.

Because Zusrension of ZZr 400 got lost both before and after, Rear gave it to OH and Front fork made it OH by myself
In that case, if Front fork is slightly better than OEM and purchased
Until the time there was resistance to banking, but as the Front barely felt to feel like fearless feeling

I installed it in ESTRELLA. From the fluffy feel of NORMAL, the initial movements are good, and when you are Breaking you are stepping on firmly. Unlike Spring which is just soft or hard, it is a well-made Spring.

Buy Front fork Overhaul.
Since installation asked Motorcycle shop, photograph is after installation.

Compared to OEM of 25 years thing is not comfortable ride comfort & performance.

It seems like an illusion that I got better at driving!

I recommend cheap price! Overhaul thinks it is good for you.

The diameter of Spring is considerably thicker than OEM, making it solid. The feeling of running is a stable running feeling. There seems to be no worry of strayness, it is a custom around the suspension exchange, but it is cheap and satisfactory.

Oil leaked from DamperROD of Rear suspension this time,
Rear suspension is a replacement wearing slime.
Prepare OEM's Rear suspension and purchase Hyper pro Rear spring,
We ship to Active which is the selling agency and use free Spl LINK exchange service,
I exchanged Spring.

The replacement work itself was not as difficult as I thought.
I removed the Rear wheel and removed the Rear suspension with Air impact.
Mounting Bolt and LINKColoretc. Brand new, use Bolt painted Grease,
It is installed with Air impact and Torque wrench.
Because it is an OEM Damper, I did not dare sag adjustment this time.
If necessary, it was a sense that it would be good if you could set up opportunities.

Although it is a feeling of use, although it is a hard impression on the expressway, if you make the bank lightly with Corner properly Traction will
I got the impression it took.
In the pass and the mountain area it is not that the Rear gets out of the impression of escaping to the outside!.
The ride comfort is also not bad.

If OHLINS is too soft and the impression of bouncing is Hyper pro Rear spring, the performance of Hyper pro Rear spring will be added to the Damper performance of OEM, so there is a different pleasure from OHLINS.
However, as the Front is still untouched, the badness of Spring of Front stands out.

I think that it is worth trying if you are looking for a different suspension from OHLINS by adding one more time to the OEM Rear suspension.
Cost itself could also be reduced by 2-3 million yen than OHLINS.