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NISHIMOTO mengkhususkan produksinya di bidang standar motor. Standar motor NISHIMOTO dibuat dengan kuat dan dapat diandalkan saat motor menopang beban berat.

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Finish plating I bought this side stand for the great deterioration of my,the time that utilized show good resistance for a long life useful

CHAMPrs Rear wheel 3. When I was wearing a 50 - 10 size I could not drive as it was Center Stand, so Side StandSpec. I bought this item to make it. I think it is a very good STAND but I think the STAND is short even if I do not Size up Reire's Tire ...

Attached to LEAD 100 of 98 years.
Installation will be completed in less than an hour if done according to the Instruction Manual.

However, Cutl's cut was easier for Cutter to do than the included Gold Noko.

We are also solid at making products, so we are satisfied with Large.

Thanks Webike! I ordered a side stand part for my American SA50P 1994 Honda elite 50cc scooter. I had read that you guys were the right source for the part but was very nervous as the picture does not match the part! NK-127 has the loop to grab onto the SA50P frame and fits absolutely perfectly. It took me only 20 minutes to remove the standard Honda kickstand and install this one. Fits perfectly - looks and acts perfect! Great addition - wife loves not having to pull the bike onto the stand! Tom

It is attachment at C90DS.
It is carrying out very well firmly, and if attachment also reads a description, it will be made to the
instant. < -- it is likely to br > attach and the seen touch seems to be strong. The STAND of the
CUB PRESS is resembled.

The Recommendation of the Spring-hook use is carried out at the time of Side-stands attachment.
Even when it was nothing, attachment was completed, but since the Spring was hard, it became forcible work and suffered troubles dramatically.
It is regrettable that rust already began to appear from near the welded section... It
Swerves and in particular except is satisfactory.

Since there was no Side stands in my Motorcycle, this STAND was purchased this time and
attachment of was done. Some Cowl needed to be cut for
> attachment.

Attachment has still been attached in about 35 minutes.

Too, the Side stands was convenient, was attached and was good. I think that they are very convenient and cheap goods since the
> price is also quite cheap.

It is recommended also at you!!

[Webike Monitor] Since a Kick starter could not kick the
> CHOINORI unless it applied the Center Stand, it removed the Center Stand and made it only the Side stands. Dramatically convenient, since the
> Idling is made into lowness and the Engine is simply started by left leg KICK at the time of a sudden engine failure. It was also attachment, and the Step board was removed and it was easy by the three-place Screw stop.