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NISSIN dikenal sebagai produsen suku cadang pengereman, seperti kaliper rem, master silinder, dan sistem ABS. Sistem pengereman Nissin dikenal reliable sehingga banyak digunakan oleh produsen motor.

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My bike is gsx400s katana. Best lever in this web site.

It OKs with one finger.

The highly efficient model of a brake master, a radial pump master.
I have always used regularly.
The operation which pushes a piston when a brake is grasped compared with the usual brake master becomes direct, and a radial pump master's comes to be [ part to have grasped compared with the master every conventional width ] effective.
It may fall into feeling which has grasped the brake pad directly.
Not only when this operativity and control nature are usual town riding, but at the time of the full breaking in a circuit run, it becomes the strongest arms.
It becomes such feelings to which breaking became skillful only by changing a brake master.
If appearance is also compared every width, it will have presence and will fill a feeling of possession.
and it is also glad that the choice which the radial pump master of the nisshin was abundant in lineups in color, they boiled it custom, and was united can be performed -- peevish [ come out and ] -- ! lineup -- 17 mm and 19 mm.
It is a soft touch if it is used for a front double caliper 17 mm.
There is a tendency which becomes a harder touch 19 mm.
I think that 17 mm is good exactly in the case of a single caliper.
Since it thinks that there is best master by the vehicle type or a caliper, please think well and choose.
If strengthening of a brake is considered, they will be parts to press down at the very beginning!!

Just remove the OEM Master Cylinder and replace it. There is also a detailed Instruction Manual regarding installation
I do not think there is any difficult work. Piston Boots painted up to Silicon grease, it really did not need the hassle. Just use the OEM because the terminal width of the included Brake switch is narrow. What you need separately is Copper Washer. I replaced it with bleeding time sparingly, so it became effective as Snap than before. However, because Piston diameter etc does not change, it is more self-satisfying that looks more effective than what it looks like. Parenthesis I got better..
Unfortunately, since Body is Black but Tank's Stay was Silver, I wanted you to match it anyway.

It was diverted to XSR 700's Rear brake.
Since NISSIN to NISSIN, it is not necessary to change the diameter of the Hose, and it is a pon attachment.
However, because Tank capacity is reduced, diversion is self-responsibility.

Tay thắng náy thích hợp cho anh em dọn xe phân khối nhỏ xài heo 2 pis zin vì đường kính piston là 1/2 ( chưa đến 13mm) nên xài tốt khi bóp thắng không bị cứng như các tay thắng có đường kính piston lớn hơn với giá bán chưa đến 2 triệu VNĐ nên mình không biết hàng mới hay hàng theo xe nhưng với giá này thì cũng hợp lý cho 1 tay thắng hàng hiệu mang lại hiệu quả thắng cao và an toàn cho anh em khi tham gia giao thông. Trước khi mua hàng anh nên tiềm hiểu về đường kính piston nha The winners are suitable for the brothers to clean the small cubicle of pigs 2 pis zin because the piston diameter is 1/2 (less than 13mm), so it is good to win the hard not win as the winners have larger piston diameter With the price of less than 2 million VND, I do not know the new or the goods but the price is reasonable for one hand wins the brand to bring high efficiency and safety for brothers when participating in traffic. Before buying, you should know about the diameter of the piston(translated by Google Translator)

Posts from other people
"Mobile Brake fluidDOT 3" Fluid blurs on the surface of Hose in a few days when injecting
Once it is discarded and putting HondaBrake fluid DOT 4 there seems to be no problem
I would like you to note that.

Since there was a similar description in another person, I think that it is product performance
Keep in mind

A description of another person

"Brembo Brake fluid LCF-600 PLUS" When infused, it seeps from the surface of Hose to the amount of Large as if sweating
I think that it is better to be careful when using Fluid other than DOT 4

I wanted to Short with Lever Guard's entanglement, so I bought it.
When attaching Lever Guard with TTS made Handlebar, NORMALLever could only install Lever Guard, which means that the length is as you want.
But, I thought that I wanted a little adjustment width. I feel that the thickness got thinner ...