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NITORO RACING memproduksi berbagai sparepart motor tahun 80-an seperti Kawasaki Z Series, KATANA, dan NINJA. Knalpot dan rearset NITRO RACING sengaja dirancang dengan model unik nan modern yang mampu meningkatkan performa dan tampilan motor.

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Replacing the Exhaust System is common in enjoying Motorcycle, the problem is how to install that Exhaust System,
Usually I think that the Muffler maker is designed so that it can be attached using the OEM mounting hole, but individual differences in Motorcycle
There are times when the position of the hole is slightly deviated when falling etc., so there are many things that are structured to be somewhat Adjustable,
However, using Bracket and Bracket like the one we have taken for fine adjustment, Washer and color etc.
You have to adjust the position, you installed to install, but often do not refresh,
Some cool Cool Emblem may even hide in Exhaust Band,

Also, I think many people exchange OEM footpeg for Rear Sets etc, but at that time the mounting hole of Exhaust System itself
Often it is lost, in such a case traditional Bracket and Bolt nut ? Needle Gold ? Tape and others,
It was necessary to devise such as diverting parts of other vehicle types, but recently the Aftermarket parts manufacturers side also responded,
Many places that prepared correspondence properly, this NITRO RACING is also one of such a kind Manufacturer.

Well, how about the quality of this product personally, NITRO RACING is a Manufacturer who often uses it, GPZ 900 R
As for the quality part, the Aluminum Cut-out parts have good accuracy, the welding is good ? Including paint
The finish is also very beautiful, I think that Sense of Design is also good, but Design is Large by personal preference Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Therefore,
Let me say that there are a lot of my favorite products, but for this product a little finish is rough, cut the aluminum board and then
Did you put the angle at PRESS? I do not know the certain thing, but the aluminum cut-out of Rear Sets etc.
There is no splendid product, it would be inevitable if you think about the price of about 12000 yen, if you want to make this with Cut-out
If you do lightly it will do 3-4 thousand yen, considering saying that it is a part of a single vehicle quality ? I think price is obvious.

As for installation, it can be installed almost at the position of the hole of the OEM when assembled according to the Instruction Manual, processing on the car body is not required,
Bolt species also Quantity : Set and it will be possible to combine without difficulty,
attachment ? Although there is no problem in accuracy, it is regrettable that there is no feeling of Firmly somewhat shaky, but if you shake it by hand with the Exhaust System attached
Easily shake, and even when running it is also a small step in Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It seems that it is swaying in (I saw it behind me) Fixed with one Bolt
It is natural because it is cantilevered structure, although it is natural, if it is usual use it will be of no problem and it will be a problem with the Exhaust System and Tandem
If I do not try to ride, I do not think it will break ? ? ? , A worried person should improve it by taking a single effort,
However, since it does not work on the car body, the package Hook is spoofed and it does not interfere with Cowl and it is made into a product,
I think it's wonderful..

This time I purchased for installation of YOSHIMURADSCCYCLONE, not OEMExhaust System installation,
Yoshimura cyclone's Silencer mounting hole position, which is not assembled in NORMAL, is a little gapped from the car body,
Also because OEM footpeg is used for a while, as a result the position of the hole will be slightly diagonally upward slightly behind the position said to say,
So we added processing to this NITRO RACING's Exhaust Bracket,

Since the angle of the Bracket has to be changed from the root at the processing obliquely backward slightly above,
Two Bracket dishes Bolt Drilling the hole position just in a good position, I just hit the bending part, so do not tray the dish Cap screw
It was decided to stop drilling with stages for the purpose, because the angle changed and the top of the Bracket protruded, so the extra part was Cut,
Because it was Aluminum it was easy to cut off,
Since it has to be put out a little further than the car body, Bracket bends a bent part of the root a little more,
The bending of the mounting hole of the Exhaust System was adjusted so as to become parallel to it accordingly, this was just the position of a good hole, but as a work procedure
It is better to decide the bending first, then adjust the angle,
And as I wrote earlier, the texture is somewhat lowered, so we treated it with Sandblast and painted it with matte black and finished it.

I think that there are a lot of people to process until this point, but I think that it is also in the price range that can do such processing, as I wrote the first
Because it is 12000 yen it is possible to do not think as a processing base that this is a product of 45000 yen, because it is 12000 yen
I want to thank the Manufacturer who sells at this price because I can challenge without fear of failure,
Also I think that it is a fun place for Motorcycle to be able to enjoy such processing like yourself.

In a word, it is the best.
Satisfaction is all right after processing sound quality, Length, thickness, price, Edge part.
I never saw the one attached to ninja 1000. And I liked the sound of the old car Exhaust System and chose NITRO RACING.
Select correct answer. I do not intend to change.
Everyone Come. NITRO RACING ^ _ ^

it's the best. The grill color is also wonderful..
The sound is also great.
You will definitely recommend it to your friends.

My bike is a 1978 kz1000 B2, I cut the legs off to accommadate the nitro exhaust and next I bought the nitro racing rearsets. They fit perfectly. They come with the master cylinder attached and also the reservoir in the box. The rearsets also come with bushings/spacers for the rearsets to sit further from the frame. The nuts are self locking with no washers. I made a bracket to hold up the reservoir.

I have a 1978 kz1000 LTD B2 frame. I cut the dog legs to accomadate the tailpipe. I also ordered nitro racing rearsets. The nitro exhaust is light and easy to assemble. They nuymber the collector with the indivdual headers. I used a blind expanding pulley to remove the baffle from the exhaust. The baffle was removed easily. The inner canister is about 32.7 ID. It also came with the oil filter cover and drain plug as well as the hanger. You may have to make a bracket if your shock mount is 12 millimeter because it comes with a 6mmx1.0 bolt. The exhaust is beautiful and I look forward to starting it and hopefully plenty of power

Well made and easy to fit. It doesn't detract from the bikes lines. Shipping service was excellent from Webike. Very pleased.

First of all, it was wonderful in its accuracy, it fits well without any stress.
It was an exchange from NGC's iron exhaust system, so I was surprised by the lightness of Titanium. Somehow it seemed that the handling was even lighter..
The NGC's Exhaust System was also pretty good, but this Exhaust System got better Response, and the turnover I had was quite good. You will get better if you set the FCR Carburetor Body setting a little more.
Sound is slightly larger than NGC who was relatively big, but it is a good sound.
I have not liked the sound quality so far because Titanium Exhaust has light preference or Chatter sound prejudice, but I think that this exhaust system is such a cheapness and powerful Sound. Idling echoes on the belly with bass.
The other Point is not Titan's Blue glowing gaudy looking appearance, but the surface finish which is finished with dull light HalfPolish is not abstract.
Silencer also made the grenade Titanium, but you can see the goodness of making at a glance.
It is slightly expensive, but it was a gem that was also highly satisfied.

qualité du produit et mise en place incorrecte Très déçu de la pièce au vu du prix; en plus elle a créée des rayures sur la fourche. De ce fait je suis obligé de la laisser. Pour le prix, une pièce sur ALIEXPRESS aurait été identique. Sans réelles remises je ne commanderai plus rien