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NitroHeads menyediakan aksesoris untuk SR400, SR500, W400, W650, FTR, 250TR, TW dan Grass Tracker. Dengan aksesoris NitroHeads, Anda dapat mengkreasikan gaya cafe racer, chopper, dan bobber pada motor Anda.

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Attachment easy ! explosive sound roaring, explosive sound roaring! It is a recommend to an explosive-sound-roaring lover!

It was Slim, so I thought that the hurt would hurt but I was Large at Touring at 600? On the 1st.
Waterproofness is not very good.

Really easy to install, which is handy if you don't want to take you bike in to a mechanic to get things fitted (see image to straight forward screw fittings to the fork). Another thing that's nice is that it gives the bike a minimalist look, instead of the stock front fender. My Scrambler is black, so the colour of this fender fits in perfectly and doesn't look out of place.

The old exhaust was easy to remove and change over to the the Nitro heads shorty exhaust. It took about 20 minutes to fit. Out of the box there is everything you need to fit it. Very good chrome finish with brackets. Like the description says "not for road use" thats because it is loud and I would say surprisingly loud, but fun. It is at least half the weight of the standard one. I was hoping it would increase in power as the standard exhaust is quite restricted but I don't think it has changed at all. All up pretty good value.

Seat looks great and in my mind suits the bike. easy to fit took me around 10 minutes. I bought this as the original was giving me a bit of back ache during long rides. If this seats cures that not sure yet. Its rock hard but sure it will soften up with time. Seems well made and meets the description and photos in general pleased with the product.

seat looks exactly as pictured in the listing. the finishing is also great. But for the expensive price, I have some comments: 1. the hardware is not included which is a shame for the price. The OEM stock hardware did not fit perfectly the first time. it required some effort to fit because the screw threads did not line up exactly with the holes on the mechanism. 2. you will need to add your own spacers and find a longer nut because the seat will not lock otherwise, the locking pins do not reach down far enough to engage with the lock on the frame. as a result the seat will not fit flush with the seat hoops at the back. 3. not comfortable. not waterproof. for the price you'd expect a perfect fit. and this isnt. considering how uncomfortable it is... 3 stars.

I was looking for it because I increased Helmet, but I was at a loss for quite a while, but I finally found it very good. I thought that Intercom was another one, but I gave it up because it was expensive

It is cool and cheap.
Make details is a price.
Please do not expect it to be comfortable because Cushion is a Cha Chi.
Since FRP of Base is solid, it is also good for Custom base.