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NITRON merupakan produsen suspensi asal Inggris yang didirikan pada 1997 dan telah memproduksi suspensi berperforma tinggi baik untuk motor maupun mobil. Rasakan pengalaman berkendara yang nyaman dengan suspensi belakang dari NITRON.

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It attached to VTR250.
The rear suspension of a certain manufacturer who can adjust only a pre-road was attached before.
I thought that effectiveness of damping force was considerably different.
It became pleasure for the width of adjustment of setting to also spread and to run after this.

Although evaluation of Suspension of MT-07 of the previous MODEL is not good, I also felt bad feel of impression like Ha Drill as bad as after switching to High grip tire.
Although there are various bad points, I just could not stand it, so I got in touch with the suspension exchange.

From the conclusion, MT-07 of the same MODEL should exchange Rear suspension before the Full Exhaust System.
Ride comfort is quite good, and the feel and ease of loading Tire is strange than anything. Pitch at acceleration also decreases, and useless movements are very few.

Also, you can fine-tune it by increasing the degree of freedom of adjustment of Pre-road. Furthermore, in this price range, it is possible to adjust the damping of the simultaneous adjustment of expansion and contraction which is rare, and the height adjustment of the car.
About car height adjustment I think that it can not be done up to the place to raise Gatsuri Rear, but I think that it is a practical range of adjustment for riding public roads.
Since I started thinking that I would like to adjust by extension and contraction while using it, I think that I will buy R2 next time but I think that it is enough as the first external suspension.

As for the appearance, I made it to Black spring according to the car body, but there is a luxury feeling and it is very good.
It is one thing to insist on the Other Brand Product, but I chose to make it match the car body. However, I think that it was a good choice because I feel secretly insisting in a good sense.

Although it is about Rear inner fender, as it is OEM, probably it is no doubt that muddy water is put on ROD of suspended Sath and it will be funny stuff, so http : / / www. the-simple. info / mt07. Recommendation to html THE SIMPLE's UnderFender.
After exchanging here there is no such thing as muddy water hangs on Rear suspension. It was okay even if it exceeded a dirty puddle.
There seems to be another way to make the Rubber board like Curtain, so it is better to deal with either.

About installation, if you are the same model, after independence with Rear stand, I think that it is good to raise Brake Side of Oil pan with Pantograph jack. It can be raised relatively steadily.
As a rule of how much it is raised, the position where Bolt with Rear suspension attached to LINK becomes relatively easy to turn with a tool is exactly a position.
Even if you raise it too much or too low, stress is applied and it is difficult to remove Bolt and it is difficult to replace it, so it is good to find a good position.

Incidentally even when purchasing with Webike, if you fill in NITRON's OrderSeat and send it from Webike's inquiry, Order becomes possible. For details, I'd like to ask Webike to ask about Order about this product and contact NITRON, but the suspension I found for myself is very good so it is Recommendation.
http : / / www. nitron. jp / downloads / downloads. php#dl03

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】
Many people fitted with OHLINS, I purchased it because I wanted to wear a different one. I installed the same R3 in SIDEMotorcycle, so I bought it because I wanted to match it with the same Manufacturer.
? 【How was it actually used?】
Since it is an opinion of the individual to the last, I will write it to the reference extent, I would like to express it with Bet Matte. NORMAL is a feeling that it moves at the moment when you sit with the feeling of an ordinary Spring Matte like a hotel or the like, this R 3 feels like absorbing water bed and power.
? 【Mounting was difficult?】
Since there is no Center Stand, I will raise the rear wheel with RrSTAND, remove Side Stand and fix it with Jack-up, I think that you can easily install if there is a tool.
? 【Please tell me the installation point and hang】 When you want to lower the car height, once you install it, the neighboring Link Plate can not be adjusted by distraction, so I think that it is better to adjust beforehand who wants to lower it.
? [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Although there is no disappointment in the product itself, when using NITRON unique use purpose ? A detailed order such as weight etc. is that it was not possible by purchasing this time.
? [Request to Manufacturer ? Please let me know if you have any improvement points】 I think that likes and dislikes will be clear, but I want you to be able to choose Parts of the Pre-road's adjustment part like Gold color, like the previous MODEL, since Custom feeling increases.
? 【Have you compared items?】
? [Others]
Since there are many adjustment widths, it is often difficult to know which adjustment is good from the middle of the work but it is often difficult to understand from the low skill of yourself, but a lot of riding and adjusting variously, the man who understands the difference quickly (Laughing) I would like to become.

kawasaki W800 2016 year
SPColor : Black
BaseColor : Black

If you buy anything I think that it is fully adjustable with Biggy BackType
I purchased R3Series.
First of all, accuracy and results of the product itself are wonderful!
To be love and fond of the goodness of making.
The feel of each Adjuster is also tightly, and the accuracy is high and you can tell about the goodness of making it
Large I do not mean to say to Zen, but it is no exaggeration to say that this work precision is an art no longer.
And it is also good to choose 2 colors of SP and Base color from 3 colors!

Since it is fully adjustable, all the adjustment functions can be used
Enjoy the pleasures of playing Suspension setting!
With 70 thousand OHLINS this will not go, lol
Purchase price worth, ownership is satisfying Level.
Completely JapanFOR JAPAN MODEL assembly personally has more security than OHLINS.

I will not lose buying it.
NITRON has this worth and wonderfulness.

I ordered Spring as Black in Color custom order. (It is + 12,000 yen)
I am very satisfied with the Specifications.
As you can see in other people 's impressions, I understood the difference from the moment I got on!
It is my first time to buy an expensive Suspension, but I am surprised to see how different this is.
First of all, I will tell you a bit of steps etc. almost perfectly.
However, it is not too soft, I think that it is hard enough to feel Sporty.
The only things that can be adjusted are Initial and Damper × 1, but since the ride taste changes very much only by changing Damper, I will try various things and find the optimum setting from now on.
I am sorry for the randomness, but I hope that it will be helpful for those who are considering purchasing.

order : Standard length + 10 mm 【Long end eye】 In Order

Installation : X-ADV has been replaced by Large because of the change, I asked Shop.

After conversion : Virtually Rear's car height will rise by 3 cm!
EUROPE Specification is 3 cmUP both before and after ? ?
Hairpin & S letter turning back quickly, I wanted Setting aiming at increasing the bank angle, so with Tire exchange (Front : MichelinPilotRoad 5, Rear : Combined with PilotRoad 4), it became Motorcycle of an ideal shape which satisfied enough ♪
However, the only difficulty is that if Main Stand is multiplied, the place where Rear tire contacts the ground.
If there is Main Stand of the EUROPE Specification, it is scheduled to order soon..

I purchased it before delivery, so I did not know the ride taste of OEM suspension ()
So, as far as NITRON is concerned, I am satisfied with the ride which is supple and rich in ride and has a luxury feel like another ZZr.

It also wrote in Impre being used, but ease of riding, suppleness is the best. Corner stability is good, you can overcome Corner with confidence than ever. I do not take long distances, but I think that we can reduce the tiredness of the body as well.