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I fixed it with Screw so I thought it was easy to use and purchased it. Besides, I cut something of Body and made something of various weights and enjoyed it in a certain way.

I attached it to FCR Carburetor Body of Vmax 1200. I was Torque up with FCR Carburetor Body, but I thought that LongFunnel would be more likely to match because the standard Funnel of FCR Carburetor Body is 50 mm, Normal of Vmax is inside Air Box or 100 mm or more. However, FCR Carburetor Body is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) LongFunnel seemed to interfere with Frame so I gave up halfway, but I found this item by Wes Big Parts search.
Although I was hesitating for a while because it was not a cheap one, I decided to purchase with a size of 70 mm and made by Delrin and processability is also good.
The product I arrived was exactly what I had troubles with Cut-out and the finish was very beautiful.
Again the two of Rear bank slightly interfere with the Frame, but you do not need to shave the Large huge, it was easy to cut with Belt sander. In the case of Vmax it is almost hidden, but I also like the white white color.
FCR Carburetor Body was further torque damaged and the sound became slightly thicker. When traveling through the streets, it runs slowly at 4th speed, 5th speed fixed, cheap, and you can get to Easy as soon as you are in a rapid opening from there. It is only 20 mm difference, but I understood clearly the effect. Although the real high revolution range has not been confirmed yet, it is good with the feeling that it turns around at once in a smooth momentum Torque at a single shot acceleration check. I tried to buy but I am satisfied with Large.

In the case of my TMAX, since IGCoil was one, I could install it without hesitation if I looked at the Instruction Manual. However, if you do not connect Grounding Wire firmly, you will be hit by a bad ignition Trouble (Initially I did not know the cause of the ignition failure, I tried Wiring again and again, but finally it turned out that Earth was bad using Tester).
Functionally it is a highly evaluated product, so there is no need to review it again. It is a very satisfying performance such as Cell one-shot starting, Power feeling added in the middle to high revolution range. Unexpectedly Body is Large, so depending on the type of car you may have trouble finding installation locations.

It installed in ZEPHYR 750. Hose Band I tried several changes such as change and fitting, but it was not improved and I was released from the troublesome confirmation of tightening of Hose Band after every run. It is good to choose Color as it is Black engine. Black 14 mm is selected and it is easy to install and it seems there is no leak and it is satisfied with Large.

I changed my racer replica that had cross transmission and back torque limiter to ZX-9R. I noticed that the engine brake force during down shifting became stronger, and I decided to install an inner pressure control valve. I wavered over T-REV, but I chose this REDUCER because I read that it was more effective in someone's blog.

It is easy to install. Just remove the tank and cut the code that connects the crank case and the air cleaner box to install (You need to be careful not to mistake the orientation, though).
I first thought of taking off the entire part and cut it, but the hose at the crankcase side was stuck and didn't come off. So I had to use a cutter to take it off and install this valve. (The cut edge of the hose isn't neat because I had to do this in a cramped place.) If you want to install it neatly, you better have a new hose.

I knew that it was going to work all right, for I've seen a similar product installed on a MINIMOTO Single Engine. But with 4-cylinder engines, the effect wasn't that apparent as a single engine. Still, the engine brake had become weaker. You may get irritated at first because it won't slow down in the same way even if you apply the same braking force.
The jerky feeling you get when you raise or lower the shift has been reduced, but you may need to apply braking more securely than before.
Also, I now can easily start my bike without thinking of the rotation number now.

These type of products are promoted as it has no problem, but I cannot recommend this item to those who drive the bike on street roads or touring drive. It's probably better for those who use their bikes on circuit courses or on mountain roads.

Although pure appropriation has been [ the oilproof Hose of the bend ] to foundations 90 degrees by the Reducer Kit of the company, when it cannot necessarily be said by degradation by many years past, etc. that a state is good, even if it looks for a 90-degree bend of this bore, there is rather. [ no ]
Probably, it is needed also when returning pure (... although the benefit of a Kit has a frightful thing to the extent that there are probably nothings ..). It is good to purchase one piece as a
In my case, since Hose processing went wrong, it purchased, but a new Hose is too good touch.

[Webike Monitor] The Catch tank which was being used until now [
] is attached on the Battery, and monopolized the Space under a sheet. Since this product is installed in the Battery front part, it stores a Rain jacket etc. to the Space under a sheet. Moreover, the Access to a Battery becomes good and the time of charge, etc. are likely to work easily. Although
Black was chosen, it is not conspicuous and is good touch. I merely wanted at least the Hose to be attached.