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Didirikan pada tahun 1998, visi utama No-Toil adalah untuk menciptakan filter udara yang awet dan tahan lama. Filter udara sangat disegani penggemar motor di seluruh dunia karena filter udara No-Toil memiliki tingkat penyerapan luar biasa dan resistensi tinggi terhadap debu.

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Originally I do not have experience around the Air Cleaner Box so I do not feel it, but dandruff will be better than OEM.
It is better to watch out when it rushes to a place where dust flutters because it feels more coarse than others.
Valve Steam Valve seat Because the change is expensive
In addition Valve intake

I installed it because I processed the Air cleaner Box.
Although it is one time larger than OEM, it can be attached as it is. I got an effect because I exchanged the Exhaust System and CO at the same time, but I think whether the effect will be insignificant only by exchanging with Power flow Single Body.
Also, suction noise became noisy.

Although it is slightly Minor, Twin air and the twin Brand.
Elements for competition are wearing Oil from the beginning
It is attractive that you can use it as it is.
This is normal to infiltrate the filter oil to use.
I am Notebook Il's Oil (Green) And RimGrease are also used.
Things are good. Reduction in low rotation was reduced.
Maybe because it became a beautiful Filter simply ....
Smaller than OEM Product, it was a little troublesome to wear it on the framework.
Because OEM Product will be about 2,500 yen,
It might be good to try it here.

Although the movie that Manufacturer had released has disappeared,
If you use Green Oil that is environmentally friendly, hang inside,
Grasp the entire body and hold it strongly, throw away the extra Oil and leave it for 24 hours is basically.
Notebook Il's Green Oil must be a dedicated Cleaner
Because it is very hard to fall, please be sure to use gloves such as Vinyl.

The quality of Filter seems to be very good. I feel sturdy, permeation of Filter oil is good, it seems easy to use, it seems to need another one.

WR250R is a standard Custom, but if you replace Air Filter base with a material with low resistance, it seems that Filter is damaged by BackFire A..

So here is the appearance of this Notebook Filter.
It seems that it is difficult to burn because it uses non-inflammable Material.

Notebook You can also use the OEM Filter stay or Yahoo auction, etc. Lightweight Bracket sold as well.

I am using Yahoo auction products, but it is possible to install without problems.

As the resistance decreased, I raised the fire a bit and I upgraded the distance of Willy.

It is a mistake-free product.

It is stiff and firm. Although this item is purchase for the first time, I feel that it feels touched and it can be used for a long time. However, I think the price seems a bit high.