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NOJIMA ENGINIEERING memiliki passion yang kuat untuk menciptakan produk knalpot nomor 1. Suara dan performa Knalpot Nojima sangat terkenal diantara banyak pembalap di Jepang.

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I want to install without Stopper processing
I bought it
The hole is too small to be positioned further
After all it took time to process
I wish I could make it myself

In a good sense, it is wonderful that the bass is bounced bass, the sound near 5000 rpm and the sound when embarking is numb. And it's just quiet and it's just a good sound ♪ ← I am pulling out Baffle
It looks good also with Carbon's pushing rising and Parenthesis is nice and if you are looking for a bass it is a gem you want to Recommendation by all means.

Because Moriwaki's Exhaust System gets tired when the sound is large and riding, I was looking for a quiet Exhaust System.
Low to mid-spin is Torque up, making it easier to get on the street.
Compared to MORIWAKI, high rotation is badly blown, and when I want to turn it I feel Stress.
The sound is also quiet and easy to ride, I think it is good for Touring, but those who want to turn GunGun will recommend a lot of Exhaust System.

Earls Gear and I worried till the end.
The deciding factor was baked with cospa.
The weight of the Silencer part is a bit heavy, but it was changed to another Manufacturer so there was no problem.
Nojima. I am satisfied.. Thank you.

The price is Quantity : Although it is high for 2pc, I felt polite from the moment the box was opened. I can use with confidence because the mounting accuracy is high, and I was satisfied with the sense of ownership as a thing. I was worried about AXIS La, but I think that I was good at sticking to Made in Japan. The sound volume of the NORMAL air intake sound is quite fierce, so I feel a sense of being scratched, but I think the bass part is increasing. Because it is not an explosive exhaust system, you can think it is NORMALPlus alpha. Since Ninja 1000 needs an intermediate Gasket, I think that it may be purchased at the same time. It is not attached. I used NORMAL 's.

I bought it because it is Punching of Stainless Steel, but it sticks to the magnet. That means that it is rusted because there are many iron components. I wanted Punching pipe to be rust if possible.

You can buy Seat of Punching metal, but it was difficult to purchase the Pipe shape even using Net.
Because it is an item of Nojima, there is no problem with quality,
Whether it seems to be able to use it if it became able to take out the muffling performance and the Balance of the Top End ...
However, regarding the delivery date. Before placing an order, before delivery confirmation and actually arriving, flow is before ordering (Instant delivery) → Actual delivery date (About 4 days) → Before confirming delivery date (About 10 days) I felt like the guidance was delivered short in the delivery date. Although I did not take a week to arrive, I felt the payment was late, and even though I made an actual schedule I was betrayed in a bad way.
Impossible to pay (It is possible) Goods, the longest possible delivery date that may take place before ordering. If you bother to inform us of the delivery date confirmation, I would like you to contact me at almost the actual delivery date.
I think.

I bought the Radiator core guard of NOJIMA, but at the top of the Radiator hangs the four Guard's claws to the Radiator The bottom part is to remove the RadiatorMounting Bolt and fit it there, but the shape of the Guard hole and Bolt of the Radiator The shape of a hole does not match, and a hole was processed with a round file About 2? Large I tried it was quite Large funny. Well after mounting - well like it ~.