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NOLAN adalah produsen helm asal Italia yang sudah berpengalaman selama lebih dari 40 tahun, sejak 1972. Banyak pembalap profesional menyukai dan menggunakan helm NOLAN dalam berbagai balapan di seluruh dunia seperti MotoGP dan SBK.

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I thought that I wanted it before, but production end, purchase by saying Sale price. Motorcycle history over 20 years.
Since Motorcycle is SR 400, I thought that this would be a problem if Helmet who matched with emphasis on safety other than Small Jet did not sell inside. I also like this deep eye Wine red.
N 405 GT of the succeeding MODEL of N 43 E has already been sold, even in the downtown area (Even in neighboring prefectures) I can not try it on the shop front without first trying on it, I excluded it because it does not have D Ring for hanging on the Helmet holder.

Size feeling, I have long been up to now, A, S company seeking a feeling of cheek Fit M Size, Company K purchased L Size for casualness almost no failure, so feel free to N43E Actually trying on it a while ago, purchasing L with reference to other reviews as well. It was okay, but I was concerned about the gap between the cheeks and it seems that Hairstyle is more likely to collapse due to the feeling of being supported by the top of the head ... and that M Size was okay for reasons to be described later ? ? ?.

Although the N43E has Aero feeling around Rear's Duct, I think that overall there is no discomfort in the classic type Motorcycle. Even with Chin guard there is comfortable and secure feeling than anything with a wide field of vision. Chin guard itself is Material : There is a feeling that the mounting part is somewhat poor in Plastic, but it will be better than nothing at all.. In the unlikely event, even if you accident and hit the face, the first shock will Guard you.

Although the Wind Cutting sound is concerned as it is even if closing the Duct, holes are empty in the resin of the recess for fitting the Speaker and enter into Direct to the ear from that hole. Magic tape for attaching Speaker later in that part (If you do not attach Speaker, those with higher soundproof sound absorption effect) Just by plugging it up, it improved considerably and it became an unnoticable Level in the regular traveling Speed ??area such as in the city.

I did not intend to install a Speaker in N43E but attached Soundproof Tape, but I do not know at high speed because I use the full face of Company A or Company S at high speed or Touring, so I do not know how ? ? ?.
Duct around the mouth is empty in the Shield itself and can not open and close, but even when using Glasses and ContactLens I had no problem. Pin Lock Seat is attached as well and it is still in the middle of October to the latter half of November but it prevents cloudiness even in the early morning and evening.

The only thing I complained was that DAYTONA, an agency, had already part of the Repair Parts for N43E "Discontinued" Being that!. I purchased L Size, but the interior ASSY of L Size is Color : Both Gray and Brown on Catalog "Discontinued" Into ? ? ?. It's been a year since production was over yet ? ? ?.
For those who do not use Main on a daily basis like me, the interior is not a thing to be done in about a year, and even for other Repair Parts it will become necessary from now on.
We also ordered Shield cover from Wie Big, but it is said that missing item, delivery date unknown.
If production is already finished in the home country, you suspect No Ran of your country Manufacturer, but if your home country Manufacturer stock is there, keep Repair Parts for a minimum period as an agent (Possible to order) I have an obligation to ? ? ?.
We thank you so that you can tell DAYTONA from WE Big.. (Lol) I hope you improve it.

By the way, Shield is usually [Color] Although we only sell Clear, we purchased Silver mirror at a certain NetShop at the moment and bought it. Although it is expensive, it is not too dark, it is not too bright, the face is hidden from the outside when not using Inner Visor, even when using Inner Visor during daytime (Even cloudy) It is not hard to see and I am satisfied..

It is quite Reasonable for reasons that Size does not match from acquaintances, and the foreign country 's Helmet who came to our house at the price again.
I like the light design and the design of Red Maple on Carbon of Lacquer Black.
However, it was necessary to do a bit of work to use it in the Touring Main only for the ROD-aware MODEL.
First of all, I am a Glasses child, but there is no natural GlassesSlit in Aye or Yayes...
Even if you try to complain that I'm going to Glasses, no one will help me,
I disconnected the interior, cut the Sponge by myself and made a groove through the crane.
Next, the ear hall is extremely shallow, and we can not secure a space to attach the B + COM Speaker. It is the better Speaker of B + COM, so the thickness is less than 1 cm
No matter how you adjust the position, you will touch the ear.
I also thought that there was no sound, but BGM is essential for me who travels a lot!

When it searches variously with Net, it decomposes Headphones of the type he hears,
Information that the Speaker part will be thin so much.
I bought ATH-EQ 300 M of Audiotechnica which you used a lot
Rose to the limit made the thickness about 6 mm. Since the thickness of the double-sided tape is about 1 mm
Somehow, without touching my ears Quantity : I was able to set it.
Also, because the price was a little less than \ 1,000, it was very affordable,
I was able to break apart without feelings.
I thought it would be nice if the tone sounded, but was it better to be located near the ears,
Both Volume and Sound Quality do not qualify for B + COM Speaker.
(Probably you probably will not purchase Speaker for B + COM anymore ? ? ? )

Although it is an impression used with Touring of about 300 km today,
Anyway it's lightweight, so I think that the load on the neck and shoulders is light.
In addition, the sound insulation performance is high, Wind Cutting sound is not too bad.
Again, I think that it will reduce the burden of long-distance, long-time Riding.
Interior decoration is also luxurious, and for those who do not have a problem with Fitting to the shape of the head
It is recommended.

But again, Neck is price.

Can you trust Manufacturer in CarbonHelmet Cost performance is better?
ARAIetc. Because it is a cheap Motorcycle price you can afford!

Comment though
Helmet itself is cheap
The parts of each part feels expensive
ARAI is usually sizeM so I purchased x-lite also M
Teak part cramped suddenly I bought Teak for L size
It is expensive compared to other Manufacturer
Screen also changed to Blue Mirror
That person is slightly more expensive than other Manufacturer

If you are thinking of purchasing it may be better to buy one size up! If you can try x-liteHelmet if you can, you can try it on, but there are not opportunities inside
For the reasons above is one reason to advance Size up

Helmet is a good item to buy and satisfied!
I can understand the lightness even if compared with having ARAIRX on hand
Fatigue of neck is alleviated even when wearing at Touring
Up and down Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Easy to move to is also a good point!

The point which is worrisome is the Level which Helmet 's feeling of feeling falls from ARAI but it does not matter to that
Cost of repair Parts As a result there was something like having Sponge in another site evaluation, so I am worried about the neighborhood, but I think I am selfish at showa degree

The other person and the remainder CUB or Carbon Material and appearance
Good points I mentioned a lot
Purchase Recommendation There is no difference to Helmet!

I returned to Motorcycle for the first time in about ten years, so ARAI ? I only know the Full face helmet (It is only the experience of using 4 AR Heli Helmet since I was young) But ? ? ? , N44 EVO of this no RAN is White White, and Parenthesis is a good Helmet. Since it is possible to attach / detach the Chin guard anyhow, I am happy that it can be switched to Full face type and Jet type according to the style and mood. Design is also wonderful, full face type but wide field of vision! Inner Visor is also equipped.
However, unlike the real full face, the interior does not feel like wrapping around, it is a thin feeling.
Part of installing Income's Speaker (Inside ear position) There was a dent for that and there was a Round Type in it, so it was supposed to install a Speaker by pulling out Round Type.

The real texture is better than the photo.
Until now I have used M Size of ARAI's PROFILE without discomfort, and X-lite also selected M Size.
Incoming mouth (?) I was worried that the area around was narrow, but I did not particularly notice it when I actually covered it.
Cheek pad is awkward (Because it is a brand new? Although it is a feeling that it is firmly Holded, there was no feeling of tightening around the head, and there was not such a thing that my head hurts even in Touring of the whole day.
Regarding the opening and closing of the shield, it was good if it could be adjusted more finely. I can not do things like opening a few millimeters.
Ventilation is a solid feeling. I forgot to open the forehead Ventilation and opened it only at two heads, but I still felt the effect.
There is no feeling that it emerges even when driving on a highway or feeling to be taken.
Quietness is not enough to mention noteworthy but it was enough.

Good looking texture is good and Large satisfaction!

I also use this way.
When I go home with Motorcycle, I will do the act of removing Hello first and removing the Gloves, what do you take Helmet. I immediately went to the entrance and garage Shutter (Press Switch) As soon as you open Helmet, put it on the shoes box with Gloves but I use MaintenanceRing in the shoe box.
It is temporary but it is very convenient, it looks good, and I'm Match on the shoebox. It is a necessity of this place.

I like the color Black, but I think that Colorful is also good.

JAPANHelmet Compared with the highest grade, I think that it is possible to buy Carbon at this point.

Visor also 2, the interior is Neoprene っ ぽ く っ て and the feeling of luxury is drifting overall.

Size is a bit cramped than Japan Size? I think that it is exactly good because it does not shake with a high speed circuit but it is necessary to try it on.
I am perfect.

Overall satisfied (Lol)

Do you mistake the import source DAYTONA type model number?
Large I did not get caught!
I shaved it and returned goods could not be done, but please try to compare