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NOLOGY menyediakan kabel busi yang digunakan di antara Kunci Busi dan Igniton Coil. Performa tangguhnya menghasilkan percikan api yang besar untuk proses pemanasan gas dan meningkatkan torsi serta tenaga.

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Ulasan Produk NOLOGY

I installed it in klx 300r, but Plug cap hits resin tank, Wiring will be forcibly bent. Purchase failed.
I regret not having understood the shape of the actual thing and purchasing it.

This is a performance part of high quality. It is easy to mount with basic tools, and will give an instant and recognisable boost in performance, as well as ignition. It will also give a nice, sporty detail in your engine room.

As it is in other reports, it is easy to carry, visibility is also good, and a price is also handy.
I think that it is good to use together with other Locke.

-- IRON-ROCK:extension belt product number: -- vehicle type wide use color: corresponding to 81-9174 merchandise information -- the extension belt which is useful when the hook of a purple goods details tiedown belt is not directly hung on a car body.
With the lineup of abundant color variationses, it appears by the two-set set for which it is easy to ask.

As AS Wotani and exchange at the same time, performance evaluation with Single Item is unknown,
In R1 - Z it is difficult to locate Earth.
I am using OEMPlug, but no problem at present.
I will exchange the Plug for BR9EG.

You can use it for Normal grip of ZEPHYR 1100 A1 forcibly.
It can be used with a good feeling for Normal grip of ZrX1200DAEG.
It may be easier to use as long as it corresponds to the larger Large Diameter of about 5 mm.
The lock which slides with the key also has less Slide amount,
It seems necessary to set it by grasping the brake lever with a good force.
I think that it is useless because it is about half the price of other companies' product, but I felt that I needed some more ingenuity.

If you plug or unplug the plug many times, the aluminum clamp inside breaks and it becomes useless.
I would like you to improve it.. It's too bad !!!!!!!!!

The Grip part is likely to enter the GALINDO SuperBikeGrips with the outer diameter of φ34 by pushing the grinding wheel......
Even if I think I think I can break the Brake lever, I can hardly catch on the lock part even if I pull a full eye.. It may be good to move Lever from the adjustment position of your choice to the Grip when using this lock, but if you forget to return and do not want to hurt at Breaking, think of diversion because it is uneasy.