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NR Magic

NR Magic menawarkan knalpot untuk motor skutik dan motor berkapasitas mesin kecil lainnya. Knalpot buatan NR Magic dikenal menghasilkan deru knalpot yang halus dan memiliki desain yang cantik.

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Ulasan Produk NR Magic

This time, NRMagic's Quantity : Other Brand ProductExhaust System of 2pc
It was a purchase.
1 pc poor coming off and main Jet number
I dropped as low as 5th, but Torque got out of low rotation and it was easy to get on,
It was a bitter butt sound that just did not like the sound, it is improving as I can burn it a little more
Also, Chromium Plating's Body was good to drop dirt easily, making it well done

This product is already discontinued, but recently acquired in second hand.
Bore up to 161cc (WhiteNumber Acquired) Then, the compatibility with the Drive system, engine which also put on the fire control was good, Peak power rose somewhat.
But there is a fatal shortcoming.
Bank angle is fatally short.
Despite the fact that Rear suspension 15 mm longer than NORMAL is on, the Exhaust pipe rubs easily with RightCorner.
Even people who normally ride a street are Level rubbing.
Since there is no choice, 50 mm geta to Rear suspension (Ketsu Raise Adapter) I finally made it possible to finish driving Sports so far.
It is a product that has not been circulated already, but if you buy it in the second hand, let's prepare for the Exhaust pipe to scrape with a bend in the Right.
If you do banking so far, you have to raise Rear considerably, you will soon have a hole in the Exhaust pipe.

I installed it on SUPER CUB, but it is not a special item so we need corresponding processing. Also, the Wiring diagram (What color is what line for what) Because there was not, Wiring had some difficulty, but I bought it with functional importance so I am satisfied with Large.
I do not feel much disagreeable appearance with Aluminum Die-casting. If you use it for CUB, if you do not get any difficulties in processing etc. - It is a Parts that you can also recommend.

Almost light compared to OEM Parts Number. Volume is slightly larger than OEM Product. I could install it without any difficulties. At the same time I also exchanged Reed Valve, Accelerator Wire, Brake Shoe. Weight roller weighs Total 3 Gram heavier by the exhaust efficiency increase.

After replacing Main jet from No. 100 to No. 110, it became the best condition, so please repost.

6000 rpm to 7500 rpm, 9000 rpm to 10 000 rpm is the power band, it can be pulled to about 11000 rpm.

Caution is necessary as the Plug has melted if it is used without Carburetor setting. (In the case of full-open traveling) It was no problem to run at full throttle after setting out.

I think it's a good Exhaust Chamber that is easy to handle even in town traffic and easy to ride even when driving on a sports at the pass.

The nrmagic exhaust is great it is high quality and very light. Sound is very good also. The bad thing is you must cut bottom of lower fairing so that the expansion chamber doesnt hit the lower cowl. The finish is very nice. It is much better than us dg exhaust pipe. The fact that shipping is no longer fisree is kind of Crappy but this is the best new pipe you can buy for your ysr 50

No offense to Mike d, but the NR Magic backplate is extremely tough and well-made compared to other brands I've seen and owned. I have several thousand miles on my NR and it shows almost no wear. I would have to suspect that something was installed incorrectly. Sorry Mike, but I know several people who run this variator, and you're the only one to have a problem!

When installing it I think that Gasket was somewhat necessary but I think that it is good to put on.
Although it is volume, it is not worrisome about a little Large yard than OEM. Pulley exchange and
Weight roller is NORMAL, but Meter is lightly tared without setting and Large change satisfied.
I'd like to set it out again with Weight Roller.