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The title is as follows. It was easy to fasten together with Battery case. I do not know that it comes with a peep from Rear tire side, but self-satisfaction is high ( Lol )

Although it is OK even if there is not, it is convenient Items.
Rear shock reservoir Tank There seems to be a place to install it is unexpected.
Until now I was attaching to Frame near Briza Cover but it was kicked out by Inner fender exchange and the place has gone. I thought about installing it on Seat rail on the classic footpeg but it was not allowed to be disturbed by Tandem Footpeg.
Destroy work and throw it out NetSurfing (Old) If you escape to the dizziness and helping hands!
Yes, it was not Mr. Buddha's spider thread, but MARVELOUSEngineerRing-sama's Tank Bracket came down.
The attached image can also be seen in reservoir Tank of Piggyback type. Cool ♪ in Simple
Installation is Battery box's BoltQuantity : Just tighten to 2pc.
The problem is that many Bolt can not be removed by Battery solution.
(Actually I destroyed the Battery box and removed Bolt. )
After that it is easy if we can clear it. Just attach Bracket and fix reservoir tank in Band.
It is perfect for people who like Simple looks.
Since the reservoir tank is hidden, Appeal degree goes down.
Then you may be interested in stepping stones from Tire?
This neighborhood chooses people.
Recommended dish for those who are at a loss and who want a little bit different things!
"Even if you do not need it, it will be convenient if you have it" It is Tank Bracket made by MARVELOUSEngineerRing!

Mounting is easy. I can not see it without peeking, but MARVELOUS's stamp is also cool.. It was scaly from the eye that we could move to this place. Rear got clearer. Make itself is easy, so the price should be cheaper. It is -2 in this respect

I purchased it because I wanted to move OHLINSTank from Seat rail. Easy to install, just remove Battery case Bolt and also tighten.

OHLINS reservoir Tank, usually attached to the Seat rail, but I did not like it much, so I bought this Bracket that fits with Refreshing.