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Установил подшипник на ведомый вал,к которому крепится ведущее колесо скутера Suzuki Lets 2.Подшипник изготовлен качественно,без люфтов,работу выполняет хорошо. Installed the bearing on the driven shaft, to which the drive wheel of the Suzuki Lets 2 scooter is mounted. translated by Google Translator

Установил подшипники 6200zz в ступицу переднего колеса Suzuki Lets 2.Впечатления только положительные.Изделия качественные,люфта нет. Installed bearings 6200zz in the front wheel hub Suzuki Lets 2. Impressions are only positive. Products of high quality, no backlash.(translated by Google Translator)

Although it is a commodity here, it can be used as Rear wheel bearing of MAJESTY 125, but it became gutta gutta about 1000 km after running.
When consulting Bearing shop, ZZ seems not to be good about water resistance and dustproofness.

If you use it with the Other Company Product, it was said that you should use 6302 LLL.
Frequently blog etc. Although some people are using ZZ Type, LLUType (Shield is Material : If you do not use one of Rubber 's things, it might fit you scary. This is my experience story so please try it at your own risk.

Although it is full as a product as a problem, I am doing full marks, but it seems that the application destination was bad.

Why is Bearing of OEM Parts Number so expensive ...?
Since almost the same thing can be bought at this price, after I notice it, I purchase and use this NTN Bearing.
As for use and installation, there is of course no problem at all. I am satisfied with Cost performance.

Since Rear did not rotate to Smooth, I exchanged it.
It now turns to Smooth very much.
I think that it is better to exchange dust-proof Seal of Bearing together.

Since it is consumable goods, I will exchange periodically. The Seal of NTN is roughly divided, since four
Shield type (ZZ) does not have waterproofness although there is little friction torque, friction torque also has little useless
non-contact type Seal type (LLB), but there is no waterproofness. Waterproofness of friction torque is [
low torque type Seal type (LLH) ] also so so at least in inside. Since
contact type Seal type (LLU) was most excellent in waterproofness, this was used. It continues turning around a Front with Sour Sour ~ but the place in which
rolling resistance grows on a its mind! May the Homepage of large satisfactory !
NTN also carry out the Catalogue perfectly very much?

NTN Radial ball bearing It is double-sided contact seal 6203LLU.
A concrete use part is a Wheel bearing of the Front rear of BMW F650GS.The
> Wheel bearing has adopted the standard item by the general Manufacturer, as long as there is nothing at a very special design.There is no hand which has employed NTN as brand-name parts and which is not used since the domestic Bearing of the top quality in the world can obtain cheaply in spite of /Being absent.

This Bearing has a Seal of the Rubber which contacts moderately (Shaft side) in both sides, and the Grease is enclosed.Although rotation of an axis is slightly heavy, it is hard to start the lubrication defect by invasion of water or a Dust, and durability is high.

Since it is consumable goods after all although durability is high how much, and it is cheap, it is freely exchangeable.When the standard practice name of the Wheel bearing of its own Machine has become clear, not brand-name parts but it is more profitable to carry out tool Route practical use.If it is a Wheel bearing, unless the Manufacturer in particular will specify C3 crevice pure, the CN/CM crevice article which can be obtained ordinarily is enough.