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OGK menyediakan helm yang mengutamakan segi keselamatan dan aerodinamika. Setiap proses pembuatannya, dimulai dari ide, desain, manufaktur, dan pengujian dilakukan di Jepang. OGK juga membuat helm sepeda dan memiliki reputasi yang sangat baik di mata rider seluruh dunia.

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Although he is dramatically smart in appearance and it is items motivated considerably, if it becomes 60 K or more of situation plugs, a wind will hit eyes directly as other people are said.
It becomes a run while he sheds tears.
Although it cannot say having clarified since the comparison with normal had not been carried out yet, a quite severe situation is predicted on a highway.
Probably, the running wind probably wound up from under a helmet is the cause, since a wind enters even if it closes the shutter which takes in the open air of the month.
Moreover, although the point of the thin wire being contained in the deep pool of the guard upper part, and being united with the form of a nose can be evaluated, since a shield becomes cloudy in about 10 seconds after a stop by the waiting for a signal, the guard to the extent that it can be called a breath guard cannot expect.
Since attachment is very easy and it is only substituting for normal, it may also be one hand not to be not much greatly and to bring at the time of touring.
the topic of the talk -- probably, it will be better to think on the level to say.
Since the design is considerably pleasing individually, it is due to continue use it.

We bought a helmet together. It is exactly the size of an OGK helmet and fits well with other helmets. Both quality and finish are good.

I used it about 10 years ago, but I had a good memory so I bought it again. The quality is good and the finish is good, but the size is a bit sad.

I was looking for "OGK Breath Guard Pro" no one carries in USA. So, I order from "Web!ke" Item is what I been wanting for my Shoei helmet.

Trust in OGK Manufacturer
Design to actively utilize aerodynamics
InnerShade, GlassesSlit

Based on the above points we reached the purchase of Asagi.
Incidentally, it is used in conjunction with Vector of ARAI. Short-range or short-medium distance traveling in summer is Asagi, the rest except for ARAI.
Since InnerShade is attached, the helmet is deck accordingly. But still it is lighter compared with the old Jet helmet? Is it thanks to the shape of aerodynamic effect? ??I feel lightly while I am running than the actual weight.
Because it is Jet, Wind Cutting sounds although it is over the medium speed range, but it is acceptable range. It's cooler than Jet and the competence of Ventilation, together with the coolness of Jet, makes it very cool in the summer. The hot weather is hot, but it's cooler than SHOEI's GT-Air. That was comfortable with that one. It was hot for summer and it seemed like it was going to collapse so it was useless for me.

OGK KABUTO Organic CUB : Changed from ASAGI BEAM.
It was lit by Motorcycle Parts shop and was drawn to feeling Fit
Because shield is bigger than ASAGI, wind is hard to enter in about a little raised and summer is hot
Shield It is fueled by the wind when you raise it
Because the shield is Large from ASAGI, the wind is not entering in winter, so the face is hard to get cold, it is stable even at high speed, and the shield has Rib, so the rigidity is getting better

Unlike other System helmet, it is OuterSunshade so the cap is small and it is light..

But the quality feels cheap compared to the top MODEL.
Especially since the jaw part is caught with the plastic claws, I think that it is weak when there is a shock.

But as Jet does not have anything like that, the defense power will be around Jacket + α.

Raise Chin guard and take off like Jet ? It is good to be covered.
Especially when taking off it is a full face and the hair stands upright, it is very helpful.

What I 'm worried about is that I never saw it in a real store.
I think that it is a Helmet with demand in terms of affordable System with Brand, Small Shark 's hat body named OGK.

Which Manufacturer is InnerSunshade and its hat is deck ? It's heavy, so we chose this Helmet inevitably.
If the construction of Chin guard is good, it is the best Helmet without complaint.

The feeling of Fit by multiplying Glasses is made particularly good. The texture of interior is also high, comfortable to wear comfortable. Compared to SHOEI made ZSeries etc which owns at the same time Wind Cutting sound etc is also quiet. In addition, although it was hit by individual Trouble which comes out inside from the inside for about half a year, Trouble, we responded to the Manufacturer with a polite and attentive attitude, and corrected the kitchen in just a few days. It is a good-faith Manufacturer excellent in customer correspondence. The only weakness is that Plastic material that fixes the interior of the forehead is easy to break, but if reinforced with a Hot bond it can be repeatedly used without problems at all. Manufacturer seems to consider improvement as well. The price is reasonable and the performance comparable to ARAI, SHOEI is wonderful.