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OHASHI INDUSTRY dengan motonya ""Best Automobile Life"" menyediakan berbagai hand tool, charger baterai, kompresor udara, dan lain-lain.

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I think that it is because the making of Valve adapter is bad, but the air leaks and does not enter at all. It may be that there is an outlier per item.

Because it is not a frequently used thing, look for cheap things and select this item.
Two pairs at this price, it is profitable.
It was able to be used without problems.

Originally using Manufacturer I bought a few years ago because Foot pump of unknown Single cylinder broke.
As I thought that I could somewhat stop playing at the time of depression because there was a horizontal width also in TWIN Cindlinger of this time it was quite wobbly stepped on in the last Type, so I chose this.

The application is mainly supplementing the air of Motorcycle, but if it is aimed at normal replenishment, the capacity may be too much. (^^;
You can replenish enough if you step on Pedal just a few times.

Other than that, I use it occasionally for family bicycles and inflators such as Ball, but I think Pump's capacity is Large so I'm going to have a lot of hardships.
However, we can not affirm assertion because there is no comparison target, but Pedal itself may be a bit heavy.

I used it for the Tire exchange of Motorcycle this time, but I was able to raise the Bead without problems.
The included Meter will also function as a rough guide.
I think that it was quite good shopping.

Purchased for Title bicycle and for motorcycle. When putting it in a bicycle Although the attached adapter is attached and air is put in, it is bad usage, or trying to put in air, Adapter will be pulled out by air pressure. I hold it with one hand and air enters vigorously so I can use it somehow.

Compact and air pressure Meter is also attached and it is a useful item because it is easy to put air in because it is a foot stepping type. However, the angle of foot stepping Pedal is around 50 degrees and it is difficult to step on slightly but it is a range that can be convinced.

I still use Charger purchased 15 years ago, so I bought it as a replacement timing soon.
There are currents, capacities, voltage indications at the time of charging which is different from the times, and they are satisfied. I am very satisfied that I can buy it cheaper than a home center.