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OHNO-SPEED memproduksi sparepart original untuk SUZUKI KATANA dan GS series. Kualitas sparepart OHNO-SPEED sudah tidak diragukan lagi mengingat pencapaian mereka sebagai salah satu bengkel custom terkemuka di dunia.

(90 Ulasan)


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Ulasan Produk OHNO-SPEED

Attachment is necessary for fixing Bolt below!
Because I hit the inside I thought that I missed that much but I bought it
Chart price with Attachment will change about 10,000 yen
I stopped only the top two and did not stop down I think that the difference of 10,000 yen was good even that
If you want someone who is worried if you want this Cover
With Bolt stop two people to buy for KATANA is alike?
It seems that Attachment's Single Item sale is not done
We will Recommendation to buy things later thoughts

As for installation only Bolt 3 + 1 exchange, so it does not need a large technology

They are use and exchange from an authentic positive one in the front of NINJA250R.
Although it is not a pad of the type which is effective with Gatun like in play [ of you ], in proportion to the input of a lever, damping force increases certainly.
I think that control nature is also good, and it can recover in comfort also when it trespasses upon a corner with an overspeed.
The exchange from an authentic positive one is also completely comfortable, and powerful damping force is acquired with the operation feeling of pad exchange former.
Since the thickness of a pad is together in it being pure, the way which was run 9 or 000 km and which is seldom expected may say a life.

It is good to stop at ease at all times with excellent preliminary braking power and high durability, then it is not necessary to practice almost anything.
This is my favorite problem, but I felt it was a bit hard to control. (It does not mean that Control is bad)
Unfortunately, as the back plate is thin, as the remaining amount decreases to nearly half, even if you can still use it on public roads, Circuit is severely thermally severe and Lever comes in soon, so it will result in early exchange It will be done..

bremboCasting, opposed 4 pods, 1 pcPin Caliper. Originally it is to prevent Pad from returning when Wheel in Race is exchanged during Race and to prevent the occurrence of time loss, but since Tension is applied in the direction that Pad opens from this shape, Pad separation is very good Then, unpleasant drag was solved. In addition, it reacts to Linear even for subtle input at the beginning of Brake's hand grip, making Brake operation fun. Pretty Recommendation.

Far from this Pad spring, Pad does not disturb the movement to return, because the Tension is hanging in the direction of Pad returning, the drag was resolved splendidly! It is especially recommended for those who are suffering from the same trouble.

I use it for brembo 4 pot, Radial master and Front brake.
Outstanding operability and braking power are demonstrated except when it is extremely cold.
I am using this series since Normal caliper.

Also, I will purchase it when I go down.

Used by GSXR-1000's L3OEM Suzumbo Caliper.
Compared to Metallica, initial braking may be too effective for someone who rides in Corner while dragging Brake and breaking Brake, may be a fee that feels a little bit.
Absolute braking is outstanding.
Personally, I prefer Metallica.
Users who choose Pad of this Class may introduce Life in consideration, but as in Metallica, I think that it is Long life in inverse proportion to the braking power.

Unlike other Brake Pads, you can feel the goodness of effect clearly.
Characteristic is strongly effective from the earliest times of handfuls, so some familiarity may be necessary.

I used TYPE-C, but there are many things that I can not stand on the NORMAL disc
I bent a number of sheets. Mujirushi people will not distort discs Safety zone Limit's
Balance of aggressiveness, durability, effectiveness is wonderful as feeling.
I think that it can be said that it is the strongest for For Street.