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1. 7 (One pointSeven) It is a dedicated rack for chemical. 1. We can display 6 chemicals of 7, and looks pretty good. Since both the rack itself and the zine are solid, 1. You can also display things other than 7 chemicals. There are holes so that they can be worn on Garage or the walls of cars, etc. It has become finely sticky.
It is recommended for people who like the atmosphere of United States. Yearly 1. As the price of 7 items is rising, let's buy it while you can buy it.

Because the Spray container of Motorcycle shampoo used at the time of car was difficult to use, I found Kore when I was looking for something good.. Because refilling Shampoo was sold separately, I think that it is exactly good to change the container. Unlike a Type Spray container that draws a common Trigger, it seems to be a Spray container that injects by releasing pressure from Pump

Surprised at the goods that arrived. Print of Tank Label is different from the photograph posted in WhiteBlack, the making is rough overall, BALI is also seen much and finished. If you look closely well, after all, stable Large land products. At a later date, at the Home center, nebulizers of almost the same shape were sold at less than 1000 ... When you come to this place you feel like a fake (=ω=;)

[Try to use]
- Put Motorcycle shampoo in Tank and move Pump and spray until resistance comes out. However, due to the high viscosity of Shampoo, it did not become mist and leaked out from Nozzle with Bushbush. So it turned out that Nozzle was adjusted and adjusted, it turns out that it goes straight out straight
- I will inject a dilution type Motorcycle shampoo this time. Then, although it somehow became a mist, foaming is bad, even if I rub it with Brush, it got a result that was not good
- When I tried spraying water spraying it, it turned into a Beauty mist, and by moving Nozzle it was possible to change the shape of water from mist to straight. But this is just a sprayer

【As a sprayer】
- I could only spray water thoroughly, so I will consider whether it can be used as a sprayer. If pressure is applied, injection can be carried out for a long time just by pushing Button, fingers are hardly fatigued compared with Trigger type
- However, as for my way of use there is no need to inject for a long time nor to wet a wide range, and even if there is any, Trigger type suffices adequately
- Large capacity 2 L Tank, but do not use that amount. It seems to be useful if there is no water supply near the car wash, but it is annoying as there is nothing to worry about the water field

- I had imagined that Motorcycle shampoo thought that it would come out with foam with boom, but in fact it was like a sprayer of a sprayer. Well, how to use it