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Optimum Selection

Optimum Selection menyediakan berbagai sparepart untuk skutik seperti windshield, fairing, aksesoris motor, dan masih banyak lainnya. Produk Optimum Selection memiliki harga terjangkau dan sangat direkomendasikan bagi Anda yang ingin memelihara performa skutik Anda.

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这款油箱贴什么车型都通用,我的忍者,CBR,都是用这款油箱贴来保护油箱,价格便宜之余,质量相当不错,不会出现日子长了表现的胶质会出现氧化粘稠的情况,比在国内自己买的不知名品牌要好,我会推荐这款油箱贴给我身边的车友~ This model of the fuel tank is universal, my Ninja, CBR, are using this fuel tank sticker to protect the fuel tank, the price is cheap, the quality is quite good, there will be no long-term performance of the gel will appear oxidized and sticky The situation is better than the unknown brand that I bought in China. I would recommend this fuel tank to the riders around me~(translated by Google Translator)

Both thickness and R suffered from matching with Rim with RoseRose
Even with one Seal, the width changes rather than the edge and the middle
The color changes according to each Seat of Seal www
It is a price item

It is repurchase. I like it especially because Quality is high for price and Tape is reflection.
However, because 12-inches is perfect, GILERA RUNNER FXR 180 / DD's Rear tire (13Inch) So shortage occurred.

It is the second carrying can, but this handled can is satisfied with 1 L. The previous Gasket in 900CC was useless and it was decided to purchase this time. Because it is Gasoline Carrying Can, Red color is good but its color is only. My favorite car is Fuel Tank is Small so I think carrying cans are necessities of Touring. How many years will this time have?

【What made you decide the purchase?】
I purchased it in January of this year and attached it until now, there were no cracks on the surface or fading at all, there was no discoloration and no peeling even when washing with Parts cleaner and so I thought it would be cheap.
【How was it actually used?】
Again, rather than Silver, it looks like WhiteSilver metallic?. As I knew this, I did not have any problem on my own, but it is reasonable that the width of Tape is incomplete.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Since Rear has Center Stand, it was easy to work while turning the Tire, but Front turned a Tire floating it, turning it up was a little troublesome by turning.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Required
About 10 months since purchasing last time I thought that the issue of the width of Tape was solved, but it was a little better now.
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please tell me if there are any improvement points] Required
Although price can be allowed to some extent only for price, we wanted to be able to offer satisfactory products that we sell as a commodity. 1 / Is it only good for the price of 10.
【Have you compared items?】 Required
MDFRim sticker
[Others] Any

The width of the Tape is wide and narrow, and making is miscellaneous. In color, I felt close to White rather than Silver, but on the contrary it was good. I want to see durability from now.

There is nothing cheaper in the Rim sticker
It is super-discount, but it reflects properly in the night at night
Just a little Length is not enough, 2 cm, 3 cm Level, but ...
So it is unnecessary regret! I wonder if there are someone who can perfectly stick it - I wish I had one more extra ...
Because it is not exclusive, is it useless, or how to paste it ...
The thickness (Tape width) There is some misalignment, although it is the difference of the largest Large 1 mm (Eye measurement)
In midwinter pasting work, glue arrival is somewhat bad feeling, perhaps degreasing was bad
After running several times, a little floating in Tape
But at this price I can Dress-up so it will look different as it looks ...
We recommend purchasing 2 pairs because the price is price.

I tried rechallenging - - - - I failed this time also! (Tears)
Sticker R part and Rim R part did not match, checked Inch of Sticker, but it was the same as WheelInch! Also I tried to check the bonding several times but the R part did not suit well and eventually gave up It was. It was the same as last time, but if you forcibly paste R part, impossible R part will float at a later date. I hope it will be done to an unnoticeable level - - - Because I am surprisingly nervous, I immediately gave up this time as well. I think that it will never be Challenge again!