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ORTLIEB memproduksi berbagai macam tas kedap air. Ukuran tasnya mulai dari tas belanja biasa, tas punggung hingga tas touring dengan ukuran besar.

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Ulasan Produk ORTLIEB

I bought it for Camping touring.

Camping at Motorcycle was aimed at Minimum Packing, so it is necessary and sufficient capacity. If you break it twice in Roll Type, Waterproof nature will also be fine, and it will be utilized even in rain touring.

As a measure of capacity, Matte, Schlafsack, Tent for 2 people, Burner in Kochel is a little to some extent if it is 49L. Because Schlafsack is chemical fiber, I think that you can make more room if Down Schlafsack etc..

I think that it is a good product with no waste as a whole.

It thought that it would be convenient for commuting of a rainy day, and purchased. Water proof completely has no problem because of the structure of rounding and stopping the upper part as it is written, even if it sees a Review of
every place.
Since it is large, even if it puts A4 File into a Binder, it enters calmly again than expected.

back has a board as a worried point, more than fixed should not become small. It is troubled by a place that it is unexpected. Although there was an attachment-and-detachment-type bag which can be subdivided into
, since it was slightly small and a place was not so good, either, it was hard to use and felt.
Since the portion which applies the point worried most to the shoulder is not water proof, it needs to suck in and dry water. I do not bring to the day of
rain from the beginning, but think that we can recommend you if it is the implications of being OK even if suddenly caught in rain.

It is perfect waterproofness! If troubled by rain, he should buy this! Since it is merely a roll closure type, opening and closing is troublesome, but probably, what is frequently taken in this size at any rate will be OK since it cannot enter.
I think why you did not use the zip type.
The shoulder pad of an after strap is also soft, and does not shift, but is wonderful.