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OSAWA WAX berdiri tahun 1913. OSAWA WAX menyediakan berbagai macam pelumas dan aksesoris untuk pelumas. Aksesoris produk OSAWA WAX sangat direkomendasikan untuk DIY

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-- Osawa wax: -- oil jug poly container product number: -- GC-1 (JAN:4952703340067) -- feature with nozzle lid with details [ of merchandise information goods ] [capacity], and [1l.] cap - neither an insect nor garbage enters with a nozzle with a cap --

-- PROTOOLS:super tie down belt (with ratchet function) product number: -- two TOOL037 merchandise-information goods details set belt width: -- 25-mm overall-length: -- it is a high-class type with a 1600-mm ratchet --

I bought it for Fork oil exchange. Size, it was JUST that the capacity is this Large.
It has a pedestal and has a lid, so it is convenient to keep it in Garage even after use. Even during actual use, there was a pour spout, so I could inject it without drooping Oil.

It is in use in the first Motorcycle, purchased for the second machine this time.
The thing which I bought before is Manufacturer difference or the price was about 2000 yen.
Because the shape is exactly the same, is it just the difference in price?
I expect durability.

It is C650 GT, but Rear is good because there is a Center Stand, but Front
When washing, I found something good with internal medicine
It is unknown whether it can be used at 120 - 70 - 15 at the inquiry stage
Although it was thing, it was easy to say
In addition I could also use MONKEY w
If it says strongly, the bottom Rubber shifted soon, but I do not mind it
It does not get in the way of it, it is better to use something quite useful

The jug I am using now is more than thirty years old, I tried replacing it because the network net can not be torn. Certainly the netting network also plastics, I think that it is kind of thing. The mouth to put the Oil is also Large, I think that I want to use it forever as it seems to be strong as it is.

As a performance I think that it is a Graduated cylinder, but it looks good, so it will be a picture just by putting it in Garage. It is safe because it can be lightly dressed exactly when changing Oil.

I was looking for free shipping, I arrived at this product.
At the same time as Oil of CYGNUS exchange, I purchased thought to replace Gear oil.