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OSCAR memproduksi sparepart berkualitas tinggi khusus modifikasi seperti spakbor, berbagai jenis lampu motor, hingga tutup aki bergaya klasik untuk Kawasaki W650, 250TR, dan Yamaha Tricker.

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Excellent product ,well finished and easy to fit .Much lighter than O.E. Part . Therefore stops risc of rear mudguard ( fender ) cracking ,a common fault on the W 650. In my opinion improves the lines of the bike

Wiring is hard to see, looks good, good texture with the License Plate base is good.
Just not being easy to install, Design seen from directly above, Top mounting Bolt is dirty.
After carefully allocating Torque, I mounted it and tried running and the top mounting Bolt was gone.
Originally a bad Bolt so bite RubberWasher and fix matte Flange bolt with UNut.
After that, it was decided to replace it as soon as it was running out in about a month.
There will be individual differences, but vehicles containing solid sediments require careful attention to installation and bulletproof.
But I think that it is good from Lineup of Male car if you exchange Tail lamp of 250 TR.

It looks really good, as it is shorter and more compact. The quality of the material used is sturdy and firm. The paint blends well with the stock black color of my W800

As my title describes it, I'm not sure if it's the same as the OEM one but it looks and performs exactly the same. The only thing that I have to subtract one star from my review is the lock nuts are not included, so hopefully you have ones at home or you will need to remove from the old seat, or go buy at a hardware store. I really hope they include 2 lock nuts which would cost less than a dollar since the price is not that cheap anyway, they could have included them.

I installed it in the 2016 model W 800.
OEM's Tail lamp is also not bad,
I chose Mini Lucas which refreshed a little more Smallly. (photo1)

Compared to OEM at least once. (Photo 2)

Another reason I chose is that it can be installed with Bolt-on without machining.
Certainly, I will cut it. / Sharpen / Boring / There is no Bullet Terminal processing at all. As for the connection of the W800, it is very easy to connect the Connector extending from the Lamp side with the car body side Connector.
However, since the connector does not have a claw for locking, it is necessary to securely fit the connector firmly so as not to come out. Length is fine. (Photo 3)

The position of the Tail lamp will rise a little and move forward.
Quality of goods is a game point even though it does not go with OEM. I think that it is collective in terms of design. It's rather wonderful! I do not have a feeling of aftertaste. (Photo 4)

However, since the Screws that came with it were poor, they seemed to rust soon, so we will prepare them separately or recommend rustproofing. Also, although an easy manual comes with a simple one, in the case of W800, since it only attaches to it, it will be Large durable even if you do not see it. However, since Wiring color is written about Others model, it is necessary to confirm firmly.
After that, I feel that the price is high.

In spite of the detailed dissatisfaction, Refreshing and the atmosphere
I feel like a Rear view and the satisfaction is very high. The state that lights up at night is also a good feeling.
In this way, I have to replace Blinker this time (Lol)
Very good shopping was made.

As good as the short rear fender. Great fit, great value. Looks so much cleaner than the original front fender. But you have to live with lot more water on you when it rains. Exactly what I wanted!

Oscar plastics are usually first grade after market parts. As this little fender shows again. Looks very sexy on my beloved bike! Good value for money!

I tried installing it as soon as I arrived. Installation was easy.
But Nut of Hexagon Bolt on the lower side of one Front fork did not enter. There was a possibility that Screw mountain towards Nut collapsed and installed with a substitute Nut.
Classic I felt astringent.