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OUTEX mengembangkan sparepart dengan desain unik mulai dari knalpot, stabilizer stang, tubeless, kit dan masih banyak lainnya. Knalpot dan stabilizer dari OUTEX sangat direkomendasikan untuk sepeda motor jenis sport dan tubless kit buatannya adalah sahabat para rider saat touring.

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I ordered the kit 17-18×2.15 to use for my motorcycle until now for 10 months. This one is very good and easy to install. After using it, I am very assured for long trips

I used it for WR SilencerOH used in Race. It is the second Repeat.
Although there are people who substitute Stain Wool such as 100, it is recommended that you purchase exclusive items as well.
Heat resistance is different and it is easy to wind without gaps. Especially OUTEX 's Stain Wool is wrapped like a gumte, so it is easy to wind up pulling. Although I took Wool for the last round this time, it seemed to be used still more! Although Glass Wool was scorching, it never faded away and the function of Stain Wool was played well!

We recommend outdoor, gloves, Mask as fine scraps come out when winding.
And if the price is a bit cheaper ? ? ? I think.

ESTRELLARS 'Wheel is slim in both front and back, coupled with the strength of the adhesive strength of Tape coupled with the strength of Tape' s bending, so it is difficult to fix it, so if you think it failed, cut it once again between Nipple and Nipple and paste it better. Please be aware that there are items that only one of the items of Front and Rear Set is included in this product !!
(The image is the same)

We installed Front and Rear.
Parts of Front are different in Right and Left. (≧ ∀ ≦) )
Rear is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Both parts were same parts.
The Front is also somewhat difficult to install, but somehow you can use the tool well, but the Rotor side is struggling (Lol)
Rear is struggling with disc and Sprocket (≧ ∀ ≦)
It took about an hour and a half to install both before and after (≧ ∀ ≦)
Regarding accuracy, I really want to run and check.
I fixed it as free as possible, but I am worried about running at high speed.
I will check next time in city high speed!

I attached it to MT-09.
Although I was not concerned about vibration, I was looking for Lever Guard, found this item and bought it.
After wearing the engine, I realized the effect of vibration reduction immediately.
I am also solid, so I think the role as Lever Guard is as expected.

Just a shame point,
Lever Guard had two dents in spite of being a brand new.
Considering that the packaging was solid, it is not a scratch attached at the time of transportation, I guess a bit ,,,.
One other point, Bolt of the portion to attach the weight of Lever Guard who had a dent was too hard to conclude with consideration of Lock nut.

I finished installing it successfully (≧ ∀ ≦)
It took time to install because it was troubled how to do OEMScreen collaboration of Y's GEAR (Lol)
Fearfully mounting and retightening while confirming.
I was able to install it safely without mounting load almost required!

I wanted to replace ESTRELLA's Exhaust System,
If anything buy to change the rusting Exhaust pipe together!

OEM's Exhaust pipe seems to have a triple structure,
As it is a single pipe, it is quite easy to get out of it

Not only the Exhaust pipe but also the Exhaust System was changed together
I do not know the performance of only Exhaust pipe,
I feel that acceleration has become considerably Smooth!

The condition of bending that became the deciding factor of purchase later
I personally like this a lot.

Installed this kit on my Zephyr 1100.. It was pretty easy and everything fitted perfectly. Instructions were good, and there is a video on youtube. The valves were a little long, but no prob