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OVER RACING adalah produsen ternama yang memproduksi knalpot high performance, rangka CNC aluminium, swingarm, rearset, dan masih banyak lagi. OVER RACING juga memproduksi sparepart untuk berbagai model motor, seperti Monkey, MSX125, CBR250RR, R25, Ninja H2, Z900RS, dan lain-lain.

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真的给车增色不少,连接车架的两个点多多少少也增加了车架的刚性,只是如果摔车的话杠子应该比修理费还贵,也算是唯一的缺点了 It really adds a lot of quality to the car. The two points connecting the frame increase the rigidity of the frame. But if your the moto fall, the Engine slider should be more expensive than the repair cost, which is the only disadvantage

It became light beyond expectation as Clutch operation became lighter about 10% than STD.

The beauty of the billet parts made and crowded to [Webike-monitor] details and polish is the highest! The rigidity in high speed operation and the stability in a cornering are felt by the effect of a stabilizer.
Moreover, although pure about 5.3 to about 5.6 kg and about about 300g of bottoms of a spring became heavy, in me, it was not worrisome.
* A center stand is improper (it hits a stabilizer!).

Everything about the system is great. Sounds nice, looks amazing, and gained performance. Highly recommended! The color changes a bit, due to heat, but it is still one of the best looking systems on the market.

It is fastened together with Pivot bolt of Swing Arm, so it can be installed very Firmly.
However, once you need to pull out Pivot bolt, you need Jack-up.
There is a support plate to be mounted with 4 Bolts at the bottom of the Engine, but the mounting part of the Side Stand is welded. It becomes an obstacle when using Side Stand outside the company. I cut it off with Thunder. The cut was painted with Spray paint so as not to rust.
Official Site of OVER also did not have much pictures on it and I found it after purchasing, but when I leave Engine, Brake pedal interferes as it is. Therefore, when using KICK Brake pedal is to be bounced up. (Photo Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. Eye)
Manufacturer wants me to give a more descriptive item explanation because I was wondering that it would absolutely interfere at the review stage before purchase. Then some people will consider buying more.
I want you to be relieved because it is a high price item.

This time I purchased Over foot footpeg for the first time. Until now, I have used footpeg of another domestic Manufacturer with multiple Motorcycle, among them Over Over footpeg purchased this time for the first time is the processing precision of products, the first Large cut design, the wonderful feeling of use actually used , Included Parts to be used for installation : Bolt, Nut and Bracket kind etc etc etc. , I thought which one was very high quality.
I think that it is a very good product.

Although it is a bomb sound more than I thought, I think that SR likelihood came out with a good crisp sound like Single. Exhaust System length is also shorter than OEM, light (?) It became an impression.

In order to lighten the Clutch of the GPZ 900 R as much as possible, we were diverting the Release of ZZr 1400, but it was necessary to reverse the Push rod.
As a result of this, some of the Clutch malfunctioned, so I found this product when I searched for a product that could be mounted in the same direction with GPZ 900 REM and Push rod.
Since the Push portion on Release side of this product is flattened, you can use it with the spherical part of ROD as Release side.
I think that the weight of Clutch, which is the essence, is almost the same as when we divert ZZr 1400 (I'm sorry. I forget the weight of NORMAL).