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P&A International menyediakan berbagai sparepart asal Eropa berkualitas tinggi untuk jenis motor adventure, big naked, hingga supersport.

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Purchase to ease the reflection of Speedometer. The pasting work did not go well, bubbles remained in several places, and it looks bad. As expected, light shielding was expected, Meter's visibility improved to Large.

It installed in VFR 800F.
Remove Front Fender from the vehicle and remove the supplied Double-sided Tape and install the product.
After that, 4 holes are opened at 4 places and the attached Pin is inserted and completed.
(Fixing with Double-sided Tape alone is uneasy)
However, because the width is slightly smaller than Front Fender, I feel that I pulled it with fixed Pin..
Although it does not understand to the appearance, ....
I think that it seems high if I think of them, but the person who was there is more muddy the condition changes.

(What made you decide the purchase?)
I joined a certain Events the other day and got pouring rain on the way home, raining from the top of the Engine to the inside of Cowl, struggling to clean up and clean up. Also, as muddy sticks, I will spoil the preciously polished Exhaust pipe, so I bought it with reference to the other reviewers.
(How was it actually used?)
I still can not say because I am not running, but 15 centimeters has been longer than OEMFender, so my expectation is Large.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Ultra Strong Double-Sided Tape for installing the exterior parts of the car was abundant because there were only a few Double-sided Tape which was originally attached, so I tried installing it in detail.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
The Ultra Strong Double-Sided Tape I wrote earlier was too strong, trying to position it, even if I tried to peel off, I could not peel off well and it was slightly misaligned. Let's say good because you do not have to worry about peeling while running.
In Instruction Manual, it is better to remove Fender and not to say that it is not written. Screw attached to Front fork, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It is easy because it only removes a total of 4. It is necessary to pay attention not to add Wound only when pulling out and putting it.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
I wanted you to attach a double-sided tape a little more. It happened because it happened to have a Double-sided Tape, but it was a place I had to go to buy.
【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please let me know if there are any improvement points]
Increasing Double-sided Tape, it's still a price. Because there was a point, there are a lot of people who have flown into purchasing, so I expect in the future.
【Have you compared items?】
I can not find it in particular..

NINJA1000 (17-) I tried it with.
Tachometer was able to paste cleanly, but both SIDE Panel can not be pasted neatly. Because Meter is slightly curved, the edges will float even if you paste it.
It is the same as the protection Film of the smartphone, but it can be pasted neatly to the Flat Meter completely, but it is difficult to paste it on the curved Meter.
I use the same Meter panel
NINJA 250 / 400 ('18-)
NINJA 650 ('17-)
Ninja1000 ('17-)
Versys-X 250 ('17-)
Then it will become for the photograph.

WaterproofRubber is solid, Ampere capacity is also because there are two USB stations, the surface glows in Blue when energized, Wiring curing is also perfect!
I combined with the Fuse power supply.
Nothing in the Specifications as you wish!
...... Just a deca (Lol)

这延长挡泥板做工还可以,安装方式竟然是用双面胶粘上的,报着试一试的心态,第一天上高速就不负众望掉下丢了,这脑残设计!只想吐槽!要是真心想买,还是得拿锣丝钉上,不过延长挡泥板和原挡泥板都没有镙丝孔,得进行破坏性打孔。评论还有字数限制?我了个去! This extended fender workmanship is OK, the installation method turned out to be double-sided adhesive, and reported the mentality of trying it out. On the first day, the high-speed will not lose sight of the public, and this brain-destructive design! Just want to vomit! If you really want to buy, you still have to nail it, but the extension fender and the original fender have no crepe holes, you have to do destructive punching. Comments also have word limit? I am going!(translated by Google Translator)

"Front Fender" of "Additional Fender extending the rear end" So, you can reduce the damage from stone etc by winding up to Radiator Parts. That's it. That's it, "mono" As simple as "Plastic" As a Material of "ABS resin" Is it a neighborhood? It is finished in satin finish, just made it in the shape of Fender "Board". It's only 5400 yen for Kore ....
Installation is basically preliminarily attached "Double-sided Tape". Just this Double-sided Tape, 8 mm wide and 10 cm in length, but only in 3 places, whatever you think "not enough" I feel it.. Tentatively "3rd car exterior wearing Strong Double-sided Tape" Add. Perhaps in anticipation of it, "Pin" Also comes with 4. However, "Pin" To install with "Fender" When "Extender Fender" It is necessary to install a hole in a hole in the Fender, so we will remove the Fender from the car body.
Moreover, "Extender Fender" As such accuracy is not so high, Extender's "Miso" When "Fender" Because it does not fit together, fit together at the Large body, paste. From there "Snap pin" Attach the hole of Snap pin to 4. 5 mm at Hand drilletc. You can easily open the hole with, but as it is too much towards the end, the strength will be low, so we will drill a hole around 4 ends around 10 mm from the end. However, at this moment the miso with Fender does not match well, so "Extender Fender" It is possible to clear and to fix it "Pin" Because there is a case where the length is not enough and the kitchen will not end, "Sedimentary head" In principle, 5. I need to dig a little with 5 mm Drill. After that Plastic hammeretc. If you push in Pin and fix it with chitin, chitin, "Front Fender" Attached to the car body again. As time will be completed in 30 minutes.
It does not mean that honesty is visible and the driving performance improves, just "Front tire" Water splashed up from the Guard than usual.
Is it necessary? "No need" is not it.

I thought that the footwear would be muddy with Fender while leaving the OEM but purchased by judging that it is cheaper to install this item rather than to replace Fender entirely, but because the installation was quite uneasy because it was only an adhesive, I did not use it though it did..
Other Reviewetc. I think that you can see that it gradually comes off and does not last long as it is.
In terms of long term, I think that it will be cheaper to change the type that turns around for every Fender.
I bought this whole Fender after buying it.
This is 9,000 yen. If you change the whole, 25,000 yen.