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Parts Shop K&W khusus menyediakan berbagai sparepart untuk modifikasi motor jenis cruiser dan street mulai dari bodywork hingga beragam jenis lampu. Dengan aksesoris dari Parts Shop K&W, Anda bisa mengubah gaya motor Anda menjadi ala chopper dan bobber dengan mudah.

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1. Female Screw defect in mounting part of Change Pedal. (Namelu putting male Screw)
2. If you do KICK you will be caught by Footpeg Holder and will not come back.
3. Accuracy of mounting hole is bad and can not be installed on Smooth.
4. Right Side Main Footpeg Bolt is not included. (OEM Product Unusable)
5. The attached color is not straight and BALI is terrible.

Also, I requested to fix the female Screw defect, but I fixed it myself because I did not fix it.
Holder thought that it was a waste of time so I fixed it myself.
There is no problem with Position and operability (Naturally it is) I am using it, but I can not recommend it to people, I think that we will never buy the product here again.

Bending is dirty with a PRESS trace attached. Machining accuracy is also bad, so it can not be installed properly. It seems that neither responsibility nor Pride exists for the production.

I would not recommend these mirrors. Bye this to my Yamaha Wild Star 1600. The mirrors started to rust right away. Poor quality.

For the first time I made this kind of poor accuracy Rim. Nipple jumps out on the Tube side even if the Nipple dent of Rim is made shallow. It is not Ginya Nya that is not the Level of Rim's freak. If you tighten in Nipple the angle does not match delicately and Spoke bends.

DO NOT BUY THIS TANK !! ITS THE WORST EVERYTHING WELD HAS FAILED MORE THAN ONCE.THE METAL THEY USED IS WAY TO THIN AND WORSE THE FRONT MOUNTING POINT ON THE FRAME IS meant TO HOLD A LITTLE EVSP CANISTER .. NOW ITS HOLDING A 10LB GAS TANK.. UGG SO AFTER FIXING THE WELDS 3 TIMES NOW THE FRAME TAB BROKE OFF.. Oh on top of that the liner inside startd coming off almost immediately in little pieces and cloging the cheap petcock that started leaking I would stay away from any tank this company makes..

Mainstreaming at other manufacturers is Plating
This item is Stainless Steel
As long as you do not polish, you will lose the glow but feel safe without rusting
If you are going to use it for a long time, here is recommended.

Even though the motorcycle is stored inside at night, after a month of installing them, there are rust marks all over them. Would not buy again.

The part fixing SeatRearBolt is the same as the resin on the back side (Seat back resin only extended length) So strength is not enough at all.
I was damaged at the time of installation.
Since I installed the Backrest Set with Rear Carrier, I can fix it in a pinched way so I managed to - - -
Even if it is installed properly it is certain that it will be damaged by running vibration etc.
It will be tough if you do not reinforce yourself by installing Bracket for fixing Bolt - - -

Seat itself, given the price of sweet things, well satisfied.

Sitting comfort is inferior to OEM but it is not bad as it is.
(Although spodine will become hard due to aged deterioration)