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1983 Used for Honda XL 250R

I thought I could not find it because it's an old Motorcycle but I was saved because we can get it because of Wa Big

Work was also able to be exchanged without any problem

It looks like Carbon but not Carbon. Material of Brake lever shape of OEM Product : Just being printed Carbon Style. To examine if it is possible to replace with OEM Product. As for Maintenance, because it is an imported item, we may be unable to avoid the problem of availability. This time it arrived in 10 days from placing an order.
Although the texture of the product also described Clutch lever day, I think that it is not decided as a custom because of the feeling that the handle has been elongated for the curved part.
It is better to divide it by the effect of PetitDress-up at MaintenanceLevel.
Ideal for people with the best OEM Product shape. Because of the exchange of the Clutch lever, I also exchanged the Brake lever!

Material : Carbon Style, but Labor with a lot of curve parts, full of Carbon-like feeling.
Even if the pattern is stretched and Seat is stretched. Print Will it be wonderful if the paint gets stripped?
Maintenance It's simple and cheap PetitDress-up degree. I did not bother buying it until importing! One article of the United States idea. On the contrary if it is not available in Japan ? ? ?

This time, Labor of OEM Product has bent, so if you take an estimate as to whether OEM Product is good or not, it is good price of about 4500 yen! If you are searching with Potipochi Material : I saw the Lever of Carbon Style 's OEM Shape and saw the price almost the same. As I was thinking to use it for OEMLever anyway, coupled with imported goods from United States, I seemed to be in time for the next Touring so I bought it.

Installation accuracy is only slightly Gap, but satisfactory except it. Lamp also shines cleanly and SIDE surroundings became even cooler. Processing is necessary for installation. Also, since the installation Instruction Manual becomes English Version, I got a detailed person to help me.

im use start motor few month 95% same oem start motor but negative(-) hole small miss alignment i thinks honda oem motor better

Hello . I want to share a review about the product I bought. I bought the left mirror on the YAMAHA YZF R1 and installed it instead of the damaged one. This is an excellent replacement for the original parts. Fast and easy installation without any difficulties, everything was fine. I will buy more and recommend it to everyone. Do not regret that you buy a quality product for your motorcycle. I wish the seller success and all the best. Thank you .

I was able to use the product repeatedly over and over so I bought it for a car I'd like to ride yet.
I am sorry that there is no attached image,
Of course you can attach it with a pon.

Oil Although it does not understand the degree of effect because it is simultaneous, since it is pretty eye-sounding Mesh and magnet built-in, it seems to pick up Garbage considerably and I am looking forward to the next Oil exchange.

It seems that the role like Oil cooler is also true, I ran the national highway for about two hours during the day, but the fan was able to run comfortably almost without turning.

These parts are saved for old vehicles. OEM also comes out yet, but it is cheap and things are not complaining quality.
It took a while before I arrived. For the time being, it was possible to attach a pon.