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PB Swiss Tools telah mengembangkan dan memproduksi perkakas yang kualitasnya diakui oleh para profesional sejak 1878. Perkakas PB Swiss Tools dikenal memiliki tingkat presisi yang tinggi, inovatif, dan dapat diandalkan.

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this company makes excellent screwdrivers-screwdriver bits with an insertion angle of 6.3 mm. the Swedish make / recommend super quality! you also need a screwdriver with a ratchet to buy*

I bought life on the sample of the Swedish company-good work metal convenient / strong product * quality +hope will last a long time! the tool is recommended for purchase

【What made you decide the purchase?】
- Because I possessed precision Phillips Screwdriver made by PB, I will buy Slotted screwdriver as well. Size is the same as the Phillips Screwdriver Smallest No. 00

【How was it actually used?】
- Ease of use like the Phillips Screwdriver, the Grip end rotates to Smooth without resistance, so I could turn Screw securely. However, compared with Phillips Screwdriver, I am concerned that the total length is 10 mm shorter

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
- This is also the same as Phillips Screwdriver, but the Gate trace processing that was done when casting the resin of the Grip part is not good finish. Sharpen the convex portion with Design knife

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
- It is easy to understand if the color of Grip is different by Size

【Have you compared items?】
- ANEX Super fitPrecision Driver

- As the usual frequency of use is Precision Driver, even if you have a hobby tool that does not have much activity. The fertility of the tool box has increased ( - ∀ - `)

Purchased for Carburetor OH. Satisfied with ease of use as expected.
There is only high, it is also convincing that it is expensive.
However, this Driver's Blade is a Taper type, not a Type with a famous step.
Type with a step is "Swiss grip" It is Type.

Head diameter 22? Head length 75? Full length 270? Mass 167 g and Small, but it will be useful if you work in a small place. Previously, I used Praghan of Orange made by Snap on from total plastic, but it broke with ParaPara while I was not aware and became unusable and I fell in love with this Hickory handle and bought it.

PB 206S - 3 Ball Point Hexagonal Bar Screwdriver I bought earlier was easy to use
I bought 206S-4 and 206S-5.

PB 206S - 3 Ball Point Hexagonal Bar Screwdriver I bought earlier was easy to use
I bought 206S-4 and 206S-5.

I like PB's Drivers, so this time I purchased only PB's Bit. I would like to make every driver I own own PB! "There are quite a lot of PB products that Webike can not purchase." So, if you can improve, I am grateful...