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Iron Sprocket that can be used for Volty. It would be better to keep people who know the value with this.
I do not need colorful AluminumSprocket. Practical Motorcycle is running number, parts are better durability is better. Fucking high, selling only things without durability Manufacturer is the incarnation of evil that should be thrown into the fire of hell.
It is not necessary to use it in Race, AluminumSprocket is not necessary. You only have to lose weight if you want to quantify it. If it is about the weight difference of Sprocket it will be completed in one week.

Proper material, right enough. This is essence. The rest is over.

It is an OEM equivalent external item. As it is cheap, BALI taking etc. can be price.
It is not a purchase of a person looking for quality feeling.

However, it does not mean that Chain is growing or wear goes forward as it is used for about a year, so maybe it is ant to people who should satisfy the function?

In installation, fixed Bolt and Washer have a hole in the hole, Washer hole is expanded with round file,
Because it is an important part, core Gapetc. I am also worried.
I do not know the durability yet, but I regret that I should have made it a reliable Brand even if it is expensive.
I used a different number of products of the same product before, but this was no problem.

For the time being, I bought it to select the number of teeth, but I wonder if I will use it in the production.
It will be considerable weight increase even by OEM ratio.
If it is not MX and it is ED it may not be easy to deform etc when you hit.
There was about 1 month delivery time, but surprisingly sooner (About 2 weeks) I was surprised..

I installed it in WOLF 125.
In NORMAL 16T, since there is almost no way to put it in sixth speed
Purchase to make Final Short
It became easier to start, it became possible to use it without Stress until 6th gear.
The feeling I saw Texture is not bad
Delivery takes about 20 days
Regarding durability, we will continue to look at it.
It's cheapest, so it's perfect for trying to change the GEAR ratio.