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Permatex merupakan produsen, distributor dan penjual produk kimia terdepan dengan kualitas premium untuk bengkel dan reparasi kendaraan, serta industri rumahan dan perkakas.

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Things in use, waterproof characteristics declined, looking for new things. It is very good item against price. I do not feel comfortable. The part of the wrist also prevents intrusion of rainwater securely. It is a product without loss by buying.

I purchased 3L with a height of 180 cm.
Coat is pretty large eyes. I will assume that the neckline is not so good.
I think Pants' inseam is short as for Motorcycle. Knee Protector will turn out to be unsatisfactory. The hem can be squeezed in two stages, but it is easy to come off. Long Boots cover required.
I felt that the fabric was thin and light. Water repellent is good.
There is nothing dissatisfactory although the outerwear's Pocket has only one small thing in his chest.
Cost performance Although it is good, I think that Repeat will not do it.

Waterproof effect is high. It also has moisture permeability, so it was not so stuffy. However, because the fabric is slightly thicker, Pants is GOREGORE. Size is made larger than Rain Wear of Home center by Large. It is also good feeling that the length of the jacket and Pants length is long in consideration of the ride in Motorcycle, but when you walk you will be careful.
Storage Size (photo : Red bag), Rainwear which I used to date (photo : Blue bag) It is a bit somewhat bigger and weighs 880 g and 200 g is too bad. Waterproof function The difference between 15000 and 10000 is not felt much.
Considering from Rainwear that Gore-Tex makes tens of thousands of yen, cost effectiveness is satisfactory.

If this has, it is dramatically convenient.
Since it can make strongly unexpectedly, the circumference of an engine also has no problem.
Since it comes out and can make also from a home center or the thing [ size / this ] just for a moment ..., quickly, it is found useful.