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Peyton Place

Selama lebih dari 25 tahun, Peyton Place hingga saat ini masih aktif dalam mendesain dan menyediakan sparepart dan aksesoris unik untuk keperluan modifikasi motor ala cafe racer untuk SR400, SR500, KAWASAKI 1650/800, HONDA GB250, dan SUZUKI Tempter.

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A design is dramatically good.
Although it is unavoidable that a handle position also becomes a lower part considerably and a position becomes tight as a result since both ends have fallen ...
Good designs are a function and a contrary good example.

Well packed and arrived 4 days after processing. Out of the box it’s evident that it is a quality fabrication. Heavy and solid, not tinny or fragile in any wayt. Once on the bike after 15 minutes (and three bolts) the difference between the OEM exhaust and the Peyton Place pipe is jaw dropping. The 400 thumper now snarls on hard acceleration and purs with menace at idle. Sounds similar to a Huey from the Vietnam war in the mid range revs. Slight backfire evident on deceleration. I may need to bung up the AFI to compensate. It’s a loud but refined muffler. So loud I’m hoping I won’t get any extra attention from the po po.

I installed this fender with a 3.5-inch tire, it seems to me that there is still room for 4.0 inches (or 110/90), depending on the profile of the tire. There is an adjustment in height, but, I'm not sure that it will fit on Fierston type tires...

I tried to buy it but it got rain wet about 3rd day and it got wet Rust has already spread
Conveniently convenient It is convenient but if you devise it yourself, you can make something more durable and of better quality (Lol)

Installation Instruction Manual was installed in detail while looking at the photographs attached with Net, but it was easy to attach
Although I have not tried running yet, I am satisfied with the Orthodox SR as uncomfortable as OEMParts.

The price is a little bit but easy to install, very satisfied with CoolStyle.
I chose the JMCA Correspondence item. I am satisfied with the sound quality but it is a little smaller than the OEM whether the volume is a little Small, Recommendation for non-compliant products to people who want volume.
For those who are also used everyday JMCA Correspondence items may be just right volume.

Love this Peyton Place Stainless/Norton Type Slip-on Silencer (part SP-055). I'm not sure about the difference between the carburettor and FI versions of this pipe, but as my bike is a 2014 SR400 FI I went for the FI version. Out of the box, it is extremely well made, installation was 20 minutes and immediately my bike is transformed into a machine that can be heard above the engine noise! It is LOUD on hard acceleration but mild acceleration and deceleration provide a deep, meaty tone to my SR400. Expensive but worth it!

GEAR is very hard, not lightly scapper.
Depression - Since we do not enter until we have to push it up, shoes will suffer considerably as in other impres.
Also, Lever of GEAR and Brake is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Large I'm playing with you and moving with rattling unless you enter Color etc.
The texture is very good, but the accuracy is lower than I expected and I can not recommend it for long use.
Center Stand needs to be processed to interfere with Rear Sets.