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PFP menyediakan berbagai aksesoris dan perlengkapan motor mulai dari kampas rem, rantai, sparepart kopling, filter udara, dan masih banyak lagi. Produk PFP dikenal memiliki kualitas yang baik dengan harga terjangakau, dan sangat direkomendasikan untuk penggantian suku cadang OEM.

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Good repair rollers. not bad quality so u can use this one and dont be worry. used in friend's suzuki zz instead original rollers. all good!

There is no problem for minutes to ride normally.

There was no fear of Touring of about 100 km.

It is a satisfactory product that you can perform mounting without incongruity.

use this item for replace original suzuki weight rollers. i got a good quality product and better acceleration on my bike

Because we changed Clutch Spring before installation, we can not make the same comparison
AxelWide Opening same as OEM etc worn out. I feel like a little better.
I can not say anything because I do not have much details, but the performance I want is enough, so it's enough.

I bought it because it's cheap. As i received the prpduxt i thought it could have been a good alternative to tl origibal belt. It did look fine. Nevertheless after just a month the belt exploded...and we're talking about a not tuned 50cc. I don't know if it was just mine or all the belt of this kind are like it

We bought Seat cover of Yamaha Fo - Gel 50 about 2 places so I bought it, but a little Small Feeling I wound a Seat cover I broke under it broke.

I can not compare pure because I replaced Clutch Spring
Smoothness in a semi-clutch state and connection during rapid acceleration (Attention? How to ride yourself (Town riding) If it is enough performance is demonstrated
Since there is no mysterious Plate in OEM afterwards, I do not say shabilla even if I get it (Lol)

It is used for CB1300SF SC40
Because O-ring is set in Body, there is no need to purchase separately
Anyone can install and remove Cup Type Oil Filter Wrench and TWrench
As Oil drips down, it is something to receive