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Kran bensin PINGEL banyak digunakan oleh tim drag race ternama Amerika. Aksesoris PINGEL memiliki tingkat keamanan dan fungsionalitas tinggi sehingga dapat memaksimalkan performa mesin motor Anda.

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Switching of the original Cook became frustrating, so I exchanged it with a good reputable PinGel.
The vehicle is ZEPHYR 750.
For the installation please see the diary.

I exchanged it and tried running, but the engine attachment has improved considerably. Rhythm of running was improved as the stiffness when Axel was turned from low rotation was reduced.
There is only thing singing MoreGAS! And this kind of effect seems to be obtained when fuel is sent to the carburetor to Smooth, so it is good compatibility with FCR Carburetor Body.

I did not expect that running would change with just one Cook. It is a pleasant miscalculation.

A very good quality. Complete set - adapter, bolts, gaskets approached the Yamaha XS 850 tank. Used together with petcock 1/4 NTP twisted well - no need to use glue for additional sealing cutting allows you to screw without glue Also pleased with the availability of additional gaskets for hermetic sealing fast delivery - only two weeks from the moment of the order.

It can not be installed because it only reaches the screen of Screen.

Separately, purchase of installation kit or necessary

If you are a beginner in Motorcycle, only technical terms are used in wording, so you will probably purchase it almost unnoticed.

Thinking normally, thinking that you have a set of installation supplies with Screen, you are doing business close to a malicious fraud.

I feel resentment to the selling method of a seller that sells products in a state they can not use.

Though things were cool, I was just disappointed.

Product actually came from GIVI. After expiration of the delivery date it was good to have searched for the same shape by saying that shipping time from Manufacturer is undecided but I ordered on August 15 and finally arrived last week over the year.
Design is SMART than MRARACING's, so I personally like it.
Installation Bracket is attached to Headlight, so it is necessary to remove it, but installation Nut is rather troublesome if there is no Extension in Ratchet wrench.
Screen installation Bracket also interferes with Top Bridge when there is little clearance and Screen collapse.
We corresponded across Urethane, but I want a little strength.
Since I am not running, I write after I ran.

Since it is the Other Company Product, the degree of completion is high, but it is not enough. You can see that it is far superior to OEM Product. Since installation tools are not included, full set Hexagonal Wrench and MONKEY 2 dents will be Large durable. Although OEM Product comes with installation kit, please note that this product is Screen only Screen and Installation Kit Kit only.

Material : Acrylic (Clear) There was a Wound that seems to have been attached when it was taken out from the package at the same time. What seems to have attached before being packaged from attached. Personally, Polka was better, but I think that I used it as it was without Wound.
* I forgot to take the whole picture when I pulled out of packaging.

On the lower side there is a logo and a pattern, but others are transparent and the Wound is more conspicuous than the Colored one If you use it,
It seems that it is better to make it harder to add Wound with Coating agent etc..
The shape is the same as that of the image of Givi, but over there is about 30 thousand and details such as Material are not known.
There is no attachment of the Manual and it is probably Wound if Label of Large texture is pasted with a disturbing feeling and peeling off.
I thought I should do it downward even with the same Large size or else it should be elongated Label.
Size does not fall into OEMTop case (almost the same) There are widths and lengths of about.
I did not measure the thickness, but I thought that it was solid and about 4 mm.

Side Back of HYPERPEGASO 650 STRADA 821 is light but it is cloth made and weak against rain so I purchased it with a dedicated Bracket.
Shape is easy to open and close as you like. The lid on the top opens so it's easy to take out and unload your luggage.
However, desorption to Bracket can not be done unless the lid is opened. (It may be just a bad way)
Instruction Manual seems to be possible without opening the lid.
Because the wall thickness of Box 's plastic is thin, it seems to crack.
But I am satisfied because I do not have to worry about rain.

I am using it for 2017 MODEL.
In Screen for SKYWAVE 650 burgman LX, I think that GIVI is MAJOR again, but in reality GIVI and kappa are the same item. GIVI comes out when peeling kappa's Sticker. (Lol)
There is no problem with both transparency and Wind protection.