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PiperCross merupakan produsen filter udara untuk berbagai jenis mobil performa tinggi, kendaraan off road, motorsport dan sepeda motor. Filter udara PiperCross mengalirkan 30% udara lebih baik dari filter udara bawaan.

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Ulasan Produk PiperCross

Since he thought that the pure air cleaner probably was not exchanged once, it purchased.
It only exchanges that attachment is pure.
Anyone thinks that he can do simply.
The effect was able to be felt with WARI.
First, acceleration became good.
He has no fuel consumption also improving and saying it simultaneously.
Furthermore, if it washes, it is profitable because repeated use is possible.
They are goods of a recommend.

It has a two-layer structure of coarse Sponge and narrow Sponge.
First of all, (Green) Although it is Sponge, the resin which has not been filled with Sponge is sticking. This is resistance increase without the role of Filter.
Small Sponge (Blue) I think that I will definitely grasp the Garbage with fine delicate material, but resistance seems to increase. Also, Rubber's handling of the frame is bad and the condensation is narrowing. This is meaningless resistance increase.
I ran about 3000 km and confirmed Air cleaner Box, but the downstream side of Filter was beautiful so I think that there is a dust collection effect.
In the installation there is an iron plate in the frame, it interferes and is not hammered exactly.
We can not recommend to at least 4C8.

Purchased because the reputation was good.

My Motorcycle Filter is a solid.

Create a paper pattern to match the shape. → cut out → molding - Adhesion

Troubled with. (I could use it but I could not do it well) In the end I eventually came up with a simple Sponge-like product.

After changing the Exhaust System, I felt the dense eyes, so I rearranged it.
After the change, the inspiratory sound became a little Large, and the exhaust gas felt odorless and I felt it was the expected effect.

An instruction manual is in English. -- How to use a Cleaner was not found.
dirt comes off well.

[Webike Monitor] It is although the Order was put in once for every
April, this year. Since it was canceled
by the missing item in the Manufacturer and exchange time was coming One pure Filter exchanges. It will be a re-Order in
July. It was arriving early in August.
engine-performance side it is satisfactory -- it is . In four pieces,
goods are the boxes into which it is likely to go. He is seldom Eko. (-_-;).

[Webike Monitor] Since
pure Filter was becoming dirty, this was purchased
In search of the Aftermarket parts.
although an exclusive Oil and cleaning fluid are required for the thing of a Manufacturer besides
-- since this was if washable with neutral detergent, and the Maintenance was easy, it was chosen. since handling will also be easy if you think that origin can be taken if it washes once after attachment and
reuse of is done since it is a price about two
pure Filters, and it can be satisfied also in amount of money and it is not necessary to use the Oil only for
, etc. --
-- it is good.
-- comparing pure however -- it is -- although -- processing was a little bad, and it was hard to insert in as the position of that the screw hole was not opening one place and a hole was different for a while. I think that it is satisfactory since it is a Level which can cope with it immediately by the tool of the

As I was not sure which manufacturer's air filter is good, and maintenance seems to be easy, I chose Piper cross. Since it was not appearing parts, the suction noise was expected, but there was no change Though my wish may be wrong, but expectation was out, so I gave three stars