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I used it when I returned home in Motorcycle from Chiba to Large Osaka during 3 consecutive holidays in July. It was fine and the temperature was high, so purchase to prevent sunburn on the back side of the neck. Even though I usually go out for about an hour, I was totally tired with sunburn at night when night was totally Large.

The camouflage color scheme is well made and is subtle. The fabric is soft and the tube is relatively large so it's very comfortable to wear. The only thing I dislike is the logo is hard stamped into the fabric and feels like a thick rubber; otherwise I'm happy with the product.

Thanks Pipes for excellent quality buff. The bandana fabric is wonderful. The details are fine and smooth to touch. It's longer than average buffs I found in the market which is a very good thing since it covers your neck totally when you wear it with a helmet. My wife is happy. I'm safe.

Frankly I was a bit worried about the quality. Nowadays where the market is flooded with cheap Chinese buffs which look ok on the pictures but horrible in real life. I tried ordering this buff from PIPES and very happy with what I got. The buff is soft and very smooth. The print is vivid and deeply colored. Well, I even like it more than the ones offered by National Geographic. I will look for more buffs from PIPES.

As far as judging with the image, judging that a good Gradation of Yellow Gold is color is a fashion, when I tried opening it when I tried to open it, the picture of a fish.
Just seeing this pattern alone is dangerous.
I bought it at Point, so it was not a bad habit, but it was definitely a handle of a return item if I was purchasing at actual expenses.

It is similar to Inner Cap, but it is not a cool item by wearing it
It is rather hot to put on

Because attaching makes it difficult to sweat, the feeling that the skin gets stuck to sweat on Helmet's interior is considerably reduced
Wearing it will also lead to long-lasting interior decoration

It will also be a sunscreen for the neck and it will not stick more than a general Scarf

I think that there is almost no Demerit wearing except that it takes more labor to attach

Design is abundant, so if you use it properly it is possible to combine Fashion and practical use

When I run I wrap around the neck, when I take a break I wrap around my head like a Bandana. I wear a hat when I do not want to get sunburned, and it is pulled up to my eyes. It's unexpectedly cool and comfortable. When fishing from before, I used items from fishing gear Manufacturer, but this time I bought this one.

I think that sunburn measures are important for a comfortable touring. To be able to tour it comfortably is hard to get tired, I think that it can go far away. By the way, I bought Blue so that it looks cool in the summer. If this price you will want other colors as well.