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PLEASURE menyediakan bodywork untuk motor Kawasaki, seperti ZZR1400, Ninja 250 R, W600, Z125 Pro dan masih banyak lagi. Spakbor, cover tangki dan fairing PLEASURE menyuguhkan tampilan unik untuk motor Anda.

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I bought it with reference to Review,
Even though the lid is distorted and it is tightened and closed it is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was a painting which opened the gap large and it was not so beautiful to use the paint as it is.
Painting can be compromised because it is expecting that the body can be used as it is because its body is black, but the matter of distortion is anything but terrible. I have not used it while driving yet, but it is probably going to be stupid by the wind.
I do not know if I got Ha Gap goods or I can not do it in the beginning but it is disappointing as I expected.

good looking . direct fit . no modification needed,the most important is made in japan,best quality on the market. we trust Japanese made product .

I was surprised at how cheap it is. I can not use such embarrassment... That is exactly what this is about losing money for buying goods. I bought Garbage. That's why it is scarce or blurred in photos

I bought it for Circuit Running.
Rear axle shaft is easy to install because it is just pinching it.
When using Racing Stand, it seems better to pay attention to the position.

I used it even in the previous car, I knew there was also for NINJA, ordered immediately and tried it.
Fit feeling is a bit inferior as other people say, but it looks a little away, so it looks good at all, so I can forgive it at all..
I think that the Gold amount is cheaper than buying Stone Grip and buying Tank Pad.
I think it's good.

I was worried about what to do with Tank Pad with the change of train, but I knew that Pleasure made by the previous car was out and bought it.
I will make a gap, but I like it because there is no other texture.
It would have been better if the price went down a bit if you wanted it, but the number will not come out, is not it.

2017 ZX-14R H. Attached to G.
Although a Custom feeling may appear in appearance, it is subtle to say whether the product is for the price.
The installation precision is also bad, and also in the Instruction Manual "Attach to the place to be comfortable..... It is stated in the expression "bae pa LePera itself. There is Screw attached to attachment, but I do not want to open a hole, so it is not translated exactly with the car body so we installed Double-sided Tape with double sticking. Working time 2 minutes.
Cost may be high in small production but price may be a little cheaper.

I ran into the Normal tandem seat with a box for Motorcycle flight, but the Tandem seat of NINJA 2 Helmet 50 RR is sharp.
That's like Small Mountain!
A huge box gaps on Left to Right like Yayaro Broke! So, purchase this PleasurePorterGel!
Stability when putting a box, no complaints! For those who like to put on luggage on a regular basis, it is a recommended shape.
Although this product is Paint to OEM color, color tone is perfect! The firm feeling of construction is without complaint.
And the problem is that if you do not install it properly, the place where the Wound sticks to the car body ... ... ... It is better to shave and adjust!
Considering Price, it is not expensive but cheap and reasonable finish!
Speaking of a bit of derailment, Rear view after unloading boxes and luggage is a bit disgusting!